Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Welcome to Boston Anti-Zionist Action . . Baza! Baza!

Here are some of our Demonstrations.

"kNOw Genocide" - Stop the zionist attacks on Sudan
Zionists lie about Sudan at Rally for war against Sudan
Defend Sudan Rally in Cambridge, report and photo

BU Palestine Culture Awareness March
Jenin Anniversary Palestine Demo at BU
Rachel Corrie vigil- Davis square

DC AIPAC Protest at ACLU w/ Barney Frank- Newton
Balata Camp Solidarity Demo. - Newton
Occupation Observance day - State House
Anti Israeli Wall Demo - Boston Common
Rabin was a racist war criminal - Brookline
Young Israeli politicians at BU
Al Nakba- Framingham

Vigil for victims of terror - Newton
War criminal in Weston
IDF Propagandist at Harvard students for Israel
U.S. Army's 230th birthday - Cambridge Common
Israeli consul general protest- Lexington
Rally for truth – Lynn


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AIPAC American Israel Public Affairs Committee (Zionist Political Bribery, Blackmail, Extortion and Enforcement)
126 High Street, 2nd Floor Boston MA 02110
phone: 617-457-8710
E-mail: eric_geisser@aipac.org

ADL - Anti-Defamation League (Defamation Squads, Spies and Thought Police)
40 Court Street Boston MA 02108
phone: 617-406-6300 http://www.adl.org
E-mail: boston@adl.org

CJP Combined Jewish Philanthropies (Fundraiser For Ethnic Cleansing and Terrorism, Impersonating Charity Collectors)
126 High Street Boston MA 02110
phone: 617-457-8753 617-457-8500 http://www.cjp.org
E-mail: info@cjp.org davidt@cjp.org

JCRC - Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Boston (The Most Active Hate Group, Relentless Pro War Propaganda)
126 High Street Boston MA 02110-2700
phone: 617-457-8600 http://www.jcrcboston.org
E-mail: nancykaufman@jcrcboston.org

JNF - Jewish National Fund (Fundraiser for Ethnic Cleansing and Colonial Projects)
77 Franklin Street, Suite 514 Boston MA 02110
phone: 617-423-0999 http://www.jnf.org
E-mail: sfreedman@jnf.org

Consulate-General of Israel to New England (Zionist Green Zone, Spy Center)
20 Park Plaza, Suite 1020 Boston MA 02116
phone: 617-535-0200 http://www.israelemb.org/boston
E-mail: israelcg@world.std.com

Israel Bonds (Fundraising for Colonization, Genocide and Racist Empire)
Development Corporation for Israel
100 State Street Boston MA 02109-2403

New England-Israel Chamber of Commerce (Zionist ‘Reconstruction’ Mercenaries)
West 1 Suite 300, Boston Fish Pier 212 Northern Avenue Boston MA 02110
phone: 617-753-7373 http://www.israeltrade.com

Commission on Jewish Continuity (Zionist Racial Purity Enforcement)
126 High Street Boston MA 02110
phone: 617-457-8591

AJC American Jewish Committee ( Hate Group )
126 High Street - 3rd Floor Boston MA 02110
phone: 617-457-8700 http:// www.ajcboston.org
E-mail: Boston@AJC.org

CAMERA - Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (Censorship Squads and Thought Control)
P.O. Box 35040 Boston MA 02135
phone: 617-789-3672 http://www.CAMERA.org

Boston University Hillel (Zionist Safe House, Campus Thought Police)
213 Bay State Road Boston MA 02215
phone: (617) 353-7200 http://www.bu.edu/hillel
E-mail: rip@bu.edu

Northeastern University Hillel (Zionist Safe House, Campus Thought Police)
456 Parker Street Boston MA 02115
phone: 617-353-3937 http://www.dac.neu.edu
E-mail: bmeltzer@lynx.neu.edu

UMass Boston Harbor Hillel (Zionist Safe House, Campus Thought Enforcement)
156 McCormick Building, 4th floor Univ. of Mass., Boston Harbor Boston MA 02125
phone: 617-353-7210
E-mail: smendales@wn.net

Chabad House Campus Division (Zionist Political Office, Campus Thought Police)
491 Commonwealth Avenue Boston MA 02215
phone: 617-424-1190 http://www.chabadboston.org
E-mail: rsp@chabadboston.org

Israel Aliyah Center (Zionist Colonizer Recruiter, Invasion Logistics)
126 High Street Boston MA 02110
phone: 617-457-8750 http://www.israelprograms.org
E-mail: massaliyah@aol.com

The Boston Center for Jewish Heritage (Zionist Supremacist Operation)
18 Phillips Street Boston MA
phone: 617-523-2324 http://www.bcjh.org
E-mail: info@bcjh.org

Temple Israel (Zionist Safe House)
Longwood Avenue at Plymouth Street Boston MA 02215
phone: 617-566-3960

Partnership for Excellence in Jewish Education (Racist Indoctrination)
88 Broad St., 6th floor Boston MA 02110
phone: 617-367-0001 http://www.peje.org
E-mail: info@peje.org
phone: 617-723-2400

Zionist House / Israel Culture Center (Zionist Safe House, Political Office)
55 Martha Road Boston MA 02114
phone: 617-267-3600

Zionist Organization of America ( What more can I say )
NE Region c/o Yaffe Enterprises 145 Tremont Street Boston MA 02111
phone: 617-482-7500

(Jewish federations)
126 High Street Boston MA 02110

Massachusetts Association of Jewish Federations (Jewish federations)
126 High Street Boston MA 02110
phone: 617-457-8658 www.jcrcboston.org
E-mail: cglick@jcrcboston.org

Vaad Harabonim (Rabbinical Council) (Kashrut Authorities)
Rabbi Abraham Halbfinger, Rabbinic Administrator. National Supervision; founded in 1928.
177 Tremont Street Boston MA 02111
phone: 617-426-2139
E-mail: Rabbi@kvh613.org

The Jewish Advocate (Propaganda)
15 School Street Boston MA 02108
phone: 617-367-9100 http://www.thejewishadvocate.com

The Jewish Times (Propagnda)
13 School Street Boston MA 02133
phone: 617-367-9100

Rabbinical Court of Justice (Vaad Harabonim) (Rabbinic/religious organizations - Orthodox)
177 Tremont Street Boston MA 02111
phone: 617-426-2139

Rabbinical Board of New England (Rabbinic/religious organizations - Orthodox)
139 Sagamore Street Boston MA 02171
phone: 617-469-6800

Jewish War Veterans, USA (Seniors: cultural, social, vocational)
Dept. of Mass. State House, Room 547 Boston MA 02133-1051
phone: 617-727-2963

Jewish Organizing Initiative (Zionist Political Infiltration, Monopoly, Enforcement, Payoffs)
99 Chauncy St. Suite 600 Boston MA 02111
phone: (617) 350-9994 http://www.Jewishorganizing.org
E-mail: joi@jewishorganizing.org

Boston Israel Action Committee ( )
BIAC is a local, grassroots Israel advocacty group founded in the wake of the September 2000 Intifada.
P.O. Box 990783 Boston MA 02109
phone: israelaction.net
E-mail: info@IsraelAction.org

GesherCity Boston (Zionists Discos)
126 High Street Boston MA 02110
phone: 617-457-8789 http://www.geshercity.org
E-mail: boston@geshercity.org

phone: 617-566-3960

Additional E-mails: tkesselman@maimonides.org

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wait forever

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