Tuesday, July 04, 2006

TAWASSUL Presents Murdered Naji Al-Alis Cartoons

Kudos Tawassul (especially Nitin, Salma and Khatim) for a terrific outdoor art exhibit and film!!! Great job - setting up The Wall, installing lights, showing the video ... a spectacular success!

Photos are up at: http://www.rule19.org/pgallery/06-july-exh.htm ; if you were there and took photos, send them on and i'll gladly add them to this slideshow.

Prints of Naji Al-Ali's famous prints - with black matted frame - are available for a minimum $50 donation to Tawassul, a Cambridge-based organization that promotes Palestinian Arts and Culture.

Naji's prints are so very clever and powerful. You need some time and contemplation to absorb the meaning and message; Tawassul thankfully provided a "key" to the symbols and characters that Al-Ali's uses in his cartoons.

TAWASSUL's goal is to "connect people-to-people and to raise understanding of Palestinian identity, heritage and on-going struggles. TAWASSUL believes that art, cultural and personal _expression connects Palestinians with the American public."


Promotes Palestinian art exhibits
Organizes Palestinian film festivals
Sponsors Palestinian music, theatre and dance performance events
Partners with the arts in Palestine by supporting children's art workshops in the Jenin Refugee camp.
For more on Naji Al-Ali, see sphrconcordia.org/naji and najialali.hanaa.net


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