Friday, May 12, 2006

ships of the desert

The light of my first sunrise in Yemen, reflecting on the mud-brick houses of Old Sana'a

25 ways to help israel

Throughout the entire period the fighting and dying in the western Sudan has come to be known internationally as the "Crisis in Darfur" (roughly the past 30 months), the situation in the neighboring Democratic Republic of the Congo has been monumentally more grave---but without any of the fanfare, without any of the sexed-up rhetoric about "genocide" and "exclusivist, hegemonic" Arabs to whet the appetite of the fabled "conscience" of the West.

"Take up the White Man's burden/ The savage wars of peace/ Fill full the mouth of famine /And bid the sickness cease;/ And when your goal is nearest/ The end for others sought,/ Watch Sloth and heathen Folly/ Bring all your hope to nought."

Some 9,500 pension funds, 3,500 banks, 1,500 labor organizations and 500 insurance companies have invested in Israel Bonds

to your knowledge, there has never been a customer complaint brought to the NASD, SEC or other regulatory body against DCI

The founder of the Washington Pac, Morris Amitay, said Jews have thrived at the CIA. "You've had two DCI's that were friendly to Israel, a lot of the top 'people were Jewish," Mr. Amitay said.


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