Friday, May 12, 2006

Such is history. It holds the proof, for all who seek it

It was in the Equatoria province that the British exposed their true designs on Sudan. This province had never fallen under the control of the Mahdists. Nevertheless, after the British occupied Wadi Halfa, Suakin, Berbera, Zeila and Uganda, "the Equatoria province, which at the time was under the command of Amin Pasha, was the only area left in Sudan under Egyptian rule." In their desire to wrest this latter province away from Egypt, "they compelled Prime Minister Nubar Pasha to write to Amin Pasha to inform him that the government of the khedive was unable to continue to assist him and gave him complete freedom to act as he saw fit, and that should he wish to withdraw he should move to Zanzibar." The article continues, "The British continued to pressure Amin Pasha until he withdrew from the area. The Egyptian arm which had embraced all ports of Sudan was withdrawn and the Egyptian flag which had fluttered there for half a century was folded."

"Such is history as it is. It holds the proof, for all who seek it, of an episode of coercion and hardship that set upon Egypt a full century ago,"


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