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Ismail Shammout 1931-2006

In remembrance: Ismail Shammout, 1931-2006

“Blatant Jew Hatred”:
"A letter written June 20th to David Driscoll, Commissioner of Education, by Concerned Citizens from Somerville, asked that an investigation be held. They specifically refer to literature from Francis’ Somerville Divestment Project and the Green-Rainbow Party’s “anti-Jewish articles and event notices which are shocking in their blatant incitement to Jew-hatred.” The letter and a packet of information were also sent to the Andover School Committee and Andover school administrators."

Nothing justifies the Israeli savagery, including the elimination of waterand electricity access to hundreds of thousands of people. Racist mediacoverage in North America has been trying to minimize the importance of these war crimes.

The story below is Iran and Palestine related.

In essence racist Ashkenazi Americans believe that Jews have the right to plunder and kill non-Jews. When a racist Ashkenazi American, who visits Israel to revel in the crimes of ethnic cleansing and genocide that she and the racists in her ethnic community support, is killed as collateral damage in a legitimate act of resistance to Zionist crimes, she and her community manipulate and use the US legal system to punish the victims of Zionist crimes and those that support justice in the Middle East.

This misuse of the legal system by racist ethnic Ashkenazi Americans differs little from the clear injustice of the Fugitive Slave Act and the Dred Scott Supreme Court decision.

JEMS: The ADL, JCRC, CJP and Homeland Security working togeather. New project to prepare Boston Jews for disaster.

The Jewish Emergency Management Systems, or JEMS, under the direction of a joint coordination between Combined Jewish Philanthropies, the Anti-Defamation League and the Jewish Community Relations Council, is in the process of developing a coordinated emergency response plan for the Greater Boston Jewish community. The plan follows a trend in a number of Jewish communities since September 11, 2001,

The Forgotten Facts By Isabelle Humphries ** Researcher – Nazareth Children as young as 12 are detained and put on trial.

With approximately 20% of the Palestinian population having been in Israeli detention at one or more times, you would be hard pressed to find an unaffected Palestinian family. While Westerners decry the continuing detention of one Israeli soldier in Gaza, they conveniently overlook the fact that many thousands of Palestinians have been held captive by Israel for decades. Many are held without trial in what is known as “administrative detention” and are not even given access to the Israeli justice system, let alone held under conditions which would satisfy international law.

BAZA: "A familiar band of anti-Israel protesters"

"At perhaps the most progressive gathering of people anywhere in the state that day, a familiar band of
anti-Israel protesters nevertheless gathered in front, in back and at one point inside the event before they
were escorted out and the police called. "

Tips from the roots: JOI-niks and friends gather at Harvard Square event: More than 100 people attended the Jewish Organizing Initiative’s “Tips from the Roots – A Celebration of Grassroots Organizing” event at the Democracy Center in Harvard Square on Monday. JOI, now completing its eighth year, is a yearlong Boston-based fellowship program that recruits recent Jewish college graduates from around the world and provides them with training in social and economic justice, Jewish learning, grassroots community organizing and community building skills.

Government continues harassment of former Black Panthers posted 6/28/2006 by Claude Marks

Federal agents and local police served DNA warrants on several former Black activists throughout the US today allegedly in connection with an unsolved 1971 incident in San Francisco resulting in the death of a police officer. Despite being available to the prosecutor through their attorneys, police served the warrants through coordinated early-morning raids in 5 different cities on Tuesday.

Five former Black Panthers were jailed for refusing to cooperate with a California State Grand Jury investigating the same events in 2005 in San Francisco. All five were released October 31, 2005 when that Grand Jury term expired. Those served with warrants today included the same individuals and others. They have been harassed by police visits for several years.

Two men, John Bowman and Harold Taylor, were also tortured in 1973 in New Orleans to force them to make statements about the 1971 case. Subsequent attempts to prosecute Black activists were halted by court orders because of the illegal coercion and physical brutality inflicted on them. The 1973 arrests and torture were part of the US Government’s COINTELPRO program designed to destroy the Black Liberation movement.

The continued harassment of these same activists is being carried on in the spirit of unending government human rights violations and to discourage dissent.

For background info see:

Support Mumia Abu-Jamal:
Web: phone: 212 633-6646

The Islamic Society of Boston, the Cambridge-based organization designated by the Boston Redevelopment Authority to build New England's largest mosque on a 1.9-acre site in Roxbury Crossing, presented its view of the conflict to members of the interreligious center May 11. The David Project, a Jewish leadership center, made its presentation on June 12.

Construction of this mosque in Roxbury is at the heart of a heated dispute between Muslims and Jews in Boston.

By Charles A. Radin, Globe Staff | July 4, 2006
"Leaders of the two sides did not respond to calls about the interreligious initiative. Their lawyers said they welcomed any attempt by respected religious leaders to learn the facts of the situation, but both also said that the facts prove their side is right. Both affirmed their willingness to continue the legal battle.

``I was extraordinarily impressed with the leadership represented in this group," said Howard M. Cooper, lead attorney for the Islamic society. ``Leaders from the Jewish community and leaders from the Christian community were very eager to play a constructive role. . . . We are hopeful they will be able to play a constructive role."

Jeffrey S. Robbins, attorney for The David Project, said he was pleased both with the religious leaders' efforts to learn about the case in detail and their intention to help broker a resolution. ``Lawsuits like this pose a danger to any community, particularly one as diverse as Boston," Robbins said.

Rabbi David M. Gordis, president of Hebrew College, said the effort to calm the conflict over the mosque and move toward an out-of-court settlement is a project of the Interreligious Center on Public Life, a group created through unusual collaborations that have developed between the college and Andover Newton Theological School in the four years since they began operating from a single campus in Newton.

Jewish and Christian scholars and clergy at the two schools have long tried to foster good relations with the Muslim community, Gordis said, ``and then this whole sad situation [over the mosque project] came to the fore and threatened the positive relations that were developing."

-Sudan rejects 'colonial' troops, BBC, June 20 at
- Khartoum accuses UN of giving cover to rebel leader,
- Sudan's Bashir rules out UN force in Darfur,
- AU & the New Imperialism, Daily Observer (Banjul), June 27 at

(*) Sara Flounders "The U.S. role in Darfur, Sudan" (included in our June 7 mailing) is online at

"Imperial Designs Behind the Struggle in Darfur,"


Hannah's photos

Hello everyone, This is my letter to the ADN on June 29th . If you click on this link and look for the name Khaled.

A failed strategy of occupation and colonization:

The subject of zionist ownership or influence in the media: In the case of Haim Saban, it can't be ignored.
The Israeli Saban, a major funder of AIPAC and a close friend of Ehud Barak, already owns 77% of the largest German TV conglomerate and now he has purchased the largest Spanish-language broadcasting company in the US which, one can be assured, will deliver a pro-Israel message to its many listeners. Saban evidently likes the numbers, 1, 2 and 3. In 2002, he donated $12.3 million to the Democratic Party and here he bought Univision for $12,3 billion.

Univision Communications, the largest Spanish-broadcasting television company in the US, agreed to a USD 12.3 billion
purchase offer from the Saban Group, led by American-Israeli billionaire Haim Saban.
Saban buys US TV company:,7340,L-3268868,00.html

Dear friends all over the world,

I am proud to tell about you about my son Mohammad (age 15) and his class mates’ project. They are 10th graders at Friends Boys School in Ramallah. With the help of the same age group in an American school, they are working on a website dedicated to telling stories about the life of Palestinian teenagers, life behind the wall.

Most people all over the world receive news from TV broadcasts and form certain stereotypes. Wouldn’t it be nice for a change if you read a real life version? To know what’s said and what’s kept hidden? Please visit their exciting website Please spread the word and forward the address to as many people as possible.

Thank you Hadeel Qazzaz


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