Sunday, October 28, 2007

Protest of Tutu's warmongering Against Sudan, Myanmar and China.

A handful of anti war activists protested zionist arch bishop Desmond Tutu's liberal imperialist agenda at the Sabeel conference at old south church in Boston on Sunday October 27th.

Tutu has joined in with Billioniare Tycoon Richard Branson and the "Save Darfur" campaign which who engineering a economic siege and US led international military invasion of Africa's largest oil, uranium, thorium, copper and gum Arabic rich, Palestine supporting nation.

Billioniare Tycoon Richard Branson driving a tank across virgin Cola's competitor " killer" Coke a Cola.

" Let us make one thing absolutely clear as unambiguously as possible... We believe in the viability of the so-called two state solution, i.e. of an Israel with its original borders before the six day war, an Israel sovereign and independent recognised and acknowledged as such by the international community and its Arab neighbours entitled to safe and secure borders as acknowledged in international law and a Palestinian state that is viable, accessible, sovereign and with borders acknowledged and respected by all."

Tutu's name brand support and a highly financed international astro turfing campaign have been instrumental in legitimizing the New York based push for an invasion force of US, UN, AU, and PMC (Private Mercenary Corporation) Dyna Corp, PAE Loockheed troops to dismember and eviscerate pro Palestine Sudan.

Under pressure from Tutu and his fellow pro war activists the UN just broke all its own rules to give a secret, executive, no bid contract to one of the largest mercenary corporations in the world, PAE Lockheed to build dozens of foreign military bases in Sudan's oil, uranium, copper, thorium, aquifer and gum Arabic rich Darfur region.

Tutu's trips on billionaires private jets are not stopping there. He has both neo liberal gattlin guns blazing by calling for regime changing sanctions against Myanmar and economic warfare against the Chinese in the form of a boycott of the Bejin olympics.

Jewist billionaire George Soros has targeted Mynamar(Burma) for overthrow and whole sale liquidation. His well funded lie factories including Move On, HWR Human Rights Watch, Avaaza, Burma net, Democracy Now, NED National Endowment for Democracy and Gene Sharps 'Einstein Institute' have been scripting Tutu's war cries against Mynamar.

Tutu exposed himself further in joining New York's soon to be trillionaire Zionists such as the Carlyle group's David Rubinstein and their media empires in attacking China and calling for economic warfare against China's autonomy from subjection to the US Zionist capitalist conspiracy.

Additionally Tutu joined the left zionist Sabeel group in condemning armed resistance to the genocidal jewish zionist's ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

We chanted...

" Hey Tutu ! Stop attacking Sudan ! Stop your racist lies against Muslims, Arabs, Africans, Burma and China ! Stop Attacking China ! ",

" From the river to the sea Palestine will be free ! ",

" Hey Tutu can you say how many Sudanese's did your UN troops kill today ?" and

" Victory to the New Intifada !"

About 7 Boston cops arrived with the Ursala from the National Lawyers Guild and drove us away with blows and threats down the side walk and across the street to a "protest zone" to the delight of a jewish supremist ISM activist and his henchmen.

The Jewish Community Relations Council protested the sabeel conference on both days. They are apposed to Sabeels and tutus approach of returning a small part of Palestine to its rightful owners in an effort to save the zionist project.

The Zionists at JCRC have pro settler rallies where they chant "Kill all the Arabs !" and hold up signs calling for the ethnic cleansing or "Transfer" of the remaining Palestinians and howl for the blood of anyone who supports the Palestinians struggle to liberate their country ie lebanon's hezbolla, Iraq's Saddam, Iran, Sudan, and the Afgan Taliban.

Left zionists like sabeel realize this approach will expose and ruin everything quickly so they say Palestinians should be giving back a little bit of the stolen land or even the original name of all of it as long as jewish zionist colonizers get to stay on it and they can dictate its form of government ie not islamic.

Tutu " has called for sanctions to be imposed on Sudan unless it agrees to UN troops in Darfur...He said the UN should give Sudan a deadline and say to the government: "If you do not agree to a peacekeeping force, you will have to face sanctions"

"He also suggested that a UN force could be sent to into Sudan, even without the government's permission, under the guise of seeking to arrest the officials accused of war crimes. However, the Security Council resolution which backed the creation of a UN force said it could only be deployed with Sudan's approval. "

Desmond Tutu attacking Burma and announcing economic warfare against China.

Tutu's "Coalition of the willing and coalition of the unwilling"

'ask your elected representatives to call for a significant UN force with an effective mandate'

Zionist CAMERA on SABEEL "In addition to using deicide imagery in reference to Israel, Rev. Dr. Ateek has portrayed modern Judaism as a tribal religion indifferent to the suffering of non-Jews, suggested that instead of pursuing the creation of a Jewish State in the Middle East, Zionist leaders in the 1800s should have chosen to remain in Europe as it became more democratic. Moreover, Rev. Dr. Ateek has portrayed Zionism – the Jewish search for self-determination and safety in the Middle East – as undermining the Jewish calling to suffer."


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