Sunday, September 23, 2007

Some New Links

Testimony of Secretary Michael Chertoff before the House Committee on Homeland Security "Protecting Against Dangerous Things"

Fusion Centers

DHS: Office of Intelligence & Analysis (I&A)

Zionist Watch: The Writings of Patrick Grimm

David M. Marchick: Carlyle Group Hires Its First In-House Lobbyist

Private Equity Council

Sheldon Adelson, 74. “You offer me money [to make me go away]? This is like a pimp stud waving his penis at a hooker and saying: ‘See this! I am threatening you with this’. As if money is going to threaten me.”

Sheldon Adelson. when he would be opening a casino in Israel. He replied that "after 18 years of trying I've given up.",7340,L-3450661,00.html

Son of Iranian Diplomat Killed in Moscow, Ahmadreza Khorrami, 21, was killed in Moscow Sunday, September 16,

U.S. snipers allegedly 'baited' Iraqis


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