Tuesday, January 01, 2008

US agent killed in Sudan

"He was doing God's work,"

Immediately following the UN take over of the US Canadian EU funded AU PAE troops occupying Darfur Sudan and George Bushes signing of the Sudan Accountability and Divestment Act (of war)   " Instant Karma " strikes a US Agent in Sudan.

John Granville USAID/SFO Sudan and Nairobi, Kenya
The USAID agent killed in sudan was from a breeding
ground of neo imperialism, Clark University.

He worked with members of the US military and US
government to get propaganda receivers (radios) into
targeted villages in Sudans oil rich Dynacorp
occupied south to solidify the US Agenda.

This is a major part of imperialism and the neo
liberal re colonization of Africa.

To make the world safe for capitalism and capital "investment"
the targeted land and ownership of land or resource (air waves,
mineral, water rights and patents) must be "incorporated" or "owned".

In lots of places in the world like Africa land is not all
"incorporated " or "owned" but communal, tribal, public or
open for all for the benefit of all.

Capitalists are working day and night and spending
billions of dollars to destroy that culture.

Malcolm X: Zionist Dollarism


Kwame Nkrumah: Neo-Colonialism, the Last Stage of imperialism.

Neo liberal imperialists, neo colonists and zionist
dollarists make agents to "buy" the land and resources
from "legally".

European and western imperialists would empower
minority or compliant tribes with status and title to
African lands and water ways to rule the masses for
the imperialists and facilitate thier operations.

Many African Kings, tribal Chiefs, tribes and
dictators were simple chosen by the colonizers to rule
the imperialists holdings in Africa despite century
old social contracts governing the equitable
distribution of needed substance.

USAID is engineering the re colonizing Africa by
choosing new rulers for their holdings and deceiving
the masses with lies and omissions while enslaving
them to zionist imperialist dollarism.
The institution of private land ownership being a major imperialist strategy.
European colonial powers have been doing this in Africa for hundreds
of years. In my liberal social sciences course in college I was
taught about the concept of the "hut tax" where the colonial power
levies a tax on everyone's houses in order to force the people to get
jobs for money or raise cash crops to pay the taxes rather than being
self-sufficient in a non-money economy.

Info that he was working on a propaganda project specifically about "education"
about land privatization

Read more about John's radio distribution project (PDF, 223 KB)


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