Monday, September 04, 2006

Bostons Major Zionist Organizations

AIPAC American Israel Public Affairs Committee (Zionist Political Bribery, Blackmail, Extortion and Enforcement)
126 High Street, 2nd Floor Boston MA 02110 phone: 617-457-8710

ADL - Anti-Defamation League (Defamation Squads, Spies and Thought Police)
40 Court Street Boston MA 02108 phone: 617-406-6300 E-mail:

CJP Combined Jewish Philanthropies (Fundraiser For Ethnic Cleansing and Terrorism, Impersonating Charity Collectors) 126 High Street Boston MA 02110
phone: 617-457-8753 617-457-8500 E-mail:

JCRC - Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Boston (The Most Active Hate Group, Relentless Pro War Propaganda) 126 High Street Boston MA 02110-2700
phone: 617-457-8600 E-mail:

JNF - Jewish National Fund (Fundraiser for Ethnic Cleansing and Colonial Projects)
77 Franklin Street, Suite 514 Boston MA 02110 phone: 617-423-0999 E-mail:

Consulate-General of Israel to New England (Zionist Green Zone, Spy Center)
20 Park Plaza, Suite 1020 Boston MA 02116 phone: 617-535-0200 E-mail:

Israel Bonds (Fundraising for Colonization, Genocide and Racist Empire)
Development Corporation for Israel 100 State Street Boston MA 02109-2403

New England-Israel Chamber of Commerce (Zionist ‘Reconstruction’ Mercenaries)
West 1 Suite 300, Boston Fish Pier 212 Northern Avenue Boston MA 02110
phone: 617-753-7373

Commission on Jewish Continuity (Zionist Racial Purity Enforcement)
126 High Street Boston MA 02110 phone: 617-457-8591

AJC American Jewish Committee ( Hate Group ) 126 High Street - 3rd Floor Boston MA 02110 phone: 617-457-8700 http:// E-mail:

CAMERA - Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (Censorship Squads and Thought Control) P.O. Box 35040 Boston MA 02135
phone: 617-789-3672

Boston University Hillel (Zionist Safe House, Campus Thought Police)
213 Bay State Road Boston MA 02215 phone: (617) 353-7200 E-mail:

Northeastern University Hillel (Zionist Safe House, Campus Thought Police)
456 Parker Street Boston MA 02115 phone: 617-353-3937 http://www.dac.neu.eduE-mail:

UMass Boston Harbor Hillel (Zionist Safe House, Campus Thought Enforcement)
156 McCormick Building, 4th floor Univ. of Mass., Boston Harbor Boston MA 02125
phone: 617-353-7210 E-mail:

Chabad House Campus Division (Zionist Political Office, Campus Thought Police)
491 Commonwealth Avenue Boston MA 02215 phone: 617-424-1190 E-mail:

Israel Aliyah Center (Zionist Colonizer Recruiter, Invasion Logistics)
126 High Street Boston MA 02110 phone: 617-457-8750 E-mail:

The Boston Center for Jewish Heritage (Zionist Supremacist Operation)
18 Phillips Street Boston MA phone: 617-523-2324 E-mail:

Temple Israel (Zionist Safe House) Longwood Avenue at Plymouth Street Boston MA 02215
phone: 617-566-3960

Partnership for Excellence in Jewish Education (Racist Indoctrination)
88 Broad St., 6th floor Boston MA 02110 phone: 617-367-0001 E-mail: phone: 617-723-2400

Zionist House / Israel Culture Center (Zionist Safe House, Political Office)
55 Martha Road Boston MA 02114 phone: 617-267-3600

Zionist Organization of America ( What more can I say )
NE Region c/o Yaffe Enterprises 145 Tremont Street Boston MA 02111
phone: 617-482-7500

(Jewish federations) 126 High Street Boston MA 02110 phone
Massachusetts Association of Jewish Federations (Jewish federations)
126 High Street Boston MA 02110 phone: 617-457-8658 http://www.jcrcboston.orgE-mail:

Vaad Harabonim (Rabbinical Council) (Kashrut Authorities)
Rabbi Abraham Halbfinger, Rabbinic Administrator. National Supervision; founded in 1928. 177 Tremont Street Boston MA 02111 phone: 617-426-2139

The Jewish Advocate (Propaganda) 15 School Street Boston MA 02108
phone: 617-367-9100

The Jewish Times (Propagnda) 13 School Street Boston MA 02133
phone: 617-367-9100

Rabbinical Court of Justice (Vaad Harabonim) (Rabbinic/religious organizations - Orthodox)
177 Tremont Street Boston MA 02111 phone: 617-426-2139

Rabbinical Board of New England (Rabbinic/religious organizations - Orthodox)
139 Sagamore Street Boston MA 02171 phone: 617-469-6800

Jewish War Veterans, USA (Seniors: cultural, social, vocational)
Dept. of Mass. State House, Room 547 Boston MA 02133-1051
phone: 617-727-2963

Jewish Organizing Initiative (Zionist Political Infiltration, Monopoly, Enforcement, Payoffs) 99 Chauncy St. Suite 600 Boston MA 02111 phone: (617) 350-9994 E-mail:

Boston Israel Action Committee ( )
BIAC is a local, grassroots Israel advocacty group founded in the wake of the September 2000 Intifada. P.O. Box 990783 Boston MA 02109
phone: E-mail:

GesherCity Boston (Zionists Discos) 126 High Street Boston MA 02110
phone: 617-457-8789

The David Project:
Charles Jacob and Seth Klarman. 

JNF: Jewish National Fund 77 Franklin Street Boston, MA 02110

Phone: (617) 423-0999 Fax: (617) 423-0888 E-mail: Contact: Sharon Freedman,

Emergency Committee on the Iranian Nuclear Threat:
Shabbat on the Iranian Threat:
JON HABER is a Massachusetts writer and the creator of the anti-divestment activist Web sites
***The vampire's kiss, by JON HABER***
Pastor Gerald Bell of Strong Tower church in Roxbury
6 Humboldt Avenue #3 Roxbury, MA 02119 Phone: (617) 445-9860 Fax: (617) 445-5365
Also closely tied with: My Sister's Keeper
Boston College Coalition for Israel:
Comfort My People
Boston Israel Action Committee
Stand With US
 JAT: The "Jewish Action Taskforce"
 South Shore Israel Action Team?
 VISION: Voice of Israel Initiative of New Hampshire
 Kaleo Christian Center 100 Sylvan Rd, S-650  Woburn, MA 01801  T: 781-953-0715


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