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"Shoot the IDF solider game"

The Darfur Smokescreen:
In both cases—Bush on Darfur and Clinton on Kosovo—the cry of genocide and "humanitarian" intervention is used to cover the US government's imperial machinations to reduce a state (respectively Sudan and Serbia) that was unreliable from the US/Israeli POV.

Rove aide resigns in fallout over Abramoff report

"Shoot the IDF solider game"

Most alarming to Jewish leaders was their talk about administration neoconservatives who happen to be Jewish — and who have “attachments that shape how they think about the Middle East,” according to Walt.

That theme caught the attention of the Catholic League for Civil Rights. Bill Donohue, the league’s president, said that Walt and Mearsheimer “are promoting the invidious notion that Jewish neoconservatives are not to be trusted as their real loyalties lie elsewhere.”

That, Donohue said, raises alarm bells within his own community.

“As American Catholics, we are all too familiar with the old canard about ‘dual loyalties,’” he said. “Indeed, this smear tactic has been hurled at us for over 200 years. Just as we deeply resent accusations that American Catholics cannot think and act independent of the Vatican, we find it abhorrent when it is said or implied that American Jews cannot think and act independent of Israel. “


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October 6, 2006

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert will meet President Bush in Washington in November. Olmert, who met in Jerusalem on Wednesday with Condoleezza Rice, the U.S. secretary of state, told a Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations' conference call on Thursday that he would meet Bush on his way to Los Angeles for the General Assembly of the United Jewish Communities, which is scheduled for Nov. 12-15.

Representatives of the major world powers will meet Friday to consider Iran and its nuclear program. Delegates from the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Russia and China will meet in London, the U.S. State Department said in a statement Thursday. Iran has rebuffed demands by the six nations that it stop enriching uranium, a key step in making a nuclear weapon, although Iran denies that is its intention.

U.S. Jewish officials opposed a planned meeting between Condoleezza Rice and members of a Palestinian terrorist group linked to the Fatah Party. The U.S. secretary of state, who is touring the Middle East in a bid to revive Palestinian-Israeli negotiations, met Wednesday with Palestinian officials in the West Bank. The Al-Aksa representatives did not attend the meeting in the end, Hoenlein said.

Ukrainian President Viktor Yuschenko will visit Israel in early November. Yuschenko, who is expected to arrive Nov. 7, said his country is ready to assist Israel in developing satellites and missiles.

Western officials urged Israel to keep a key Gaza border crossing open. U.S. and E.U. officials recently wrote to Defense Minister Amir Peretz to say that if Israel does not keep the Rafah crossing open, European security monitors there may be withdrawn, Reuters reported Thursday.

An Israeli airstrike killed two Palestinian gunmen in the southern Gaza Strip. The two died when the air force fired two missiles at their car near Khan Younis late Wednesday. Security sources said they were planning attacks on Israel.

Jewish and Muslim tombstones were vandalized in a cemetery in central Russia. Vandals damaged some 150 Jewish and Tatar gravestones in Tver in what is believed to be the largest act of cemetery vandalism in post-Communist Russia.

Sen. Joe Lieberman said Ned Lamont, his opponent in the Connecticut Senate race, is not committed to supporting Israel. Speaking Wednesday at a fund-raiser in New York, Lieberman said Lamont has been "surrounded by people who are either naive or are isolationists, or, frankly, some more explicitly against Israel," The New York Times reported.

An Israeli was arrested for allegedly threatening to attack a major Muslim shrine in Jerusalem. Police said the suspect, described in media reports as a 51-year-old rabbi, was taken into custody Wednesday after announcing in the lobby of a Tel Aviv hotel that he would carry out an attack in the Temple Mount, an apparent reference to the Al-Aksa Mosque located there.

Britain's police launched an investigation after a Muslim officer was relieved of duties at the Israeli Embassy in London. The probe was announced Thursday after the Sun newspaper reported the removal of the officer, a member of the diplomatic security corps, from the guard rotation at the embassy.

The UJA-Federation of New York will allocate $9.3 million from its Israel Emergency Campaign to a northern Israeli city. The $9.8 million will go to helping Kiryat Shmona recover from Israel's war with Hezbollah. Some of the funds will go to the Jewish Agency for Israel to help schoolchildren, some will go to the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee to help economic recovery and the frail and elderly.

A Holocaust reparations organization is making payments to Holocaust survivors affected by the Hezbollah attacks in northern Israel over the summer. The Claims Conference is making some 12,000 payments of approximately $250 each to needy Holocaust victims living in areas affected by the war.

A former U.S. ambassador to Israel said comparisons of the Iranian president to Hitler are inappropriate. Israel Radio on Thursday quoted Martin Indyk as coming out against a letter of protest which Israel's ambassador to the United States, Daniel Ayalon, issued after the Council on Foreign Relations in New York hosted Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad last month.

The suspension of London's mayor for comments seen as anti-Semitic will be overturned, a British judge said. Justice Andrew Collins made his comments regarding Ken Livingstone on Thursday after a two-day hearing at the High Court of London.

Polish diplomats in New York canceled a speech by a prominent Jewish critic of Israel. The speech by historian and author Tony Judt on the Israel lobby was canceled just hours before it was to take place at the Polish consulate in New York. Consulate spokesmen told the New York Sun they canceled the talk because it was inconsistent with their warm relations with Israel.

The U.S. Transport Security Administration instructed officials to allow observant Jews to board planes with the four species of Sukkot. Officials of Agudath Israel of America contacted the agency because Orthodox Jews had heard from airport officials that palm fronds, citrons, myrtle and willow branches would raise suspicions.

A Belgian politician known for his antipathy toward Islamic immigrants has called for an alliance with Jews. Filip Dewinter, the leader of Belgium's Vlaams Belang, described the Jewish community as his allies "against the main enemy of the moment, the radical Islam, fundamentalism," according to Britain's Independent newspaper.

Israel's Ministry of Tourism opened an Israeli government tourist office in Atlanta. The Georgia office will be Israel's hub to the Bible Belt and to a huge Christian market that provides 35 percent of Israel's tourism, according to ministry officials.

The recently completed Jewish community center in St. Petersburg, Russia, recently won an architectural prize. YESOD, as the center is known, won a grand prize in the best construction category in the annual local "Architecton 2006" competition.

Ukraine's government intensified its crackdown on a university known for promoting anti-Semitism. The Ministry of Education and Sciences denied official recognition of 4,655 diplomas that were issued in 2006 to graduates of the school, known as MAUP.

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neocons are loyal to Isreal? Its unnatural for european countries to worhship a sick middle eastern country. Sharia law is a symptom, like a virus in a person with weakened immune system.

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