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Stop Attacking Sudan! Many Sudan Links.

Stop the U.S. and Zionist War Against Sudan - David Rolde

Sara Flounders "The U.S. role in Darfur, Sudan"

Boston area Zionists organizing for war against Sudan - David Rolde http://bridgenews.org/news/052006/sudan

George W. Bush, executive order ""... due to the threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States posed by the pervasive role played by the Government of Sudan in the petroleum and petrochemical industries in Sudan, it is in the interests of the United States to take additional steps with respect to the national emergency declared in Executive Order 13067 of November 3, 1997. Accordingly, I hereby order:",

Project for the New American Century (PNAC)'s statement from 2004: whoever wins the election, Bush or Kerry, will eventually lead a coalition of the willing into Sudan.

Why Sudan rejects UN troops - by Sara Flounders

United States Terrorism in the Sudan - by Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed
Has very good background info about US intervention in Sudan in the 90s

Imperial designs behind the struggle in Darfur Sudan - WMassIAC http://bazabaza.blogspot.com/2006/09/defend-sudan-links.html

Hear forum audio at Traprock Peace: Darfur: an open discussion on intervention, regime change & the politics of genocide; this was a good forum on Sudan at Smith College, July 2006.

See this article summarizing the forum.

Sudan: Save Dafur? - by Keith Harmon Snow

Assessments of Allegations - at ESPAC (the European Sudanese Public Affairs Council)

What Concerned Citizens Should Know about the Crisis in Darfur - by El-Hajj Mauri’ Saalakhan of The Peace and Justice Foundation, A Muslim American anti-war organization

Target Sudan: What's Really Behind the Crisis in Dafur? and lots more at this site

Green-Rainbow Party Statement on U.S. Imperialism and Sudan, November 2004

Darfur, imperialist intervention and anti-Arab hysteria - by Eugene Puryear
(for more at this site, search for Sudan or Darfur)

US imperialists increase efforts to recolonize Sudan - by Natividad Carrera
(quotes George Bush as saying The pervasive role played by the government of Sudan in Sudan's petroleum and petrochemical industries threatens U.S. national security and foreign policy interests)

US/UN Hands off Sudan! All Foreign Troops Out of Somalia! http://www.mawovancouver.org/sudansomalia.htm

Hands off Sudan! Forum Video:

" the current anti-intervention movement that is sweeping Sudan, as the best example for what peace-loving people around the world should support: self-determination for Sudan! http://www.mawovancouver.org/070203-05report.html

" Natasha took on the so-called "Save Darfur" campaign, which is calling for UN military intervention into Africa. She challenged that today's calls for troops to Africa, are merely a reiteration of the same colonial policies that have plundered and murdered African nations for decades."

Canada/US/UN/EU/NATO Hands Off Sudan! No to Invasion of Sudan! - MAWO http://www.mawovancouver.org/articles/statements/061129sudan.html

The Politics of Naming: Genocide, Civil War, Insurgency - by Mahmood Mamdani

U.S. steps up Sudan intervention, sends 'observers' to border: By Natividad Carrera http://www.pslweb.org/site/News2?news_iv_ctrl=1782&page=NewsArticle&id=6429

Video: Darfur, Sudan: Seeking The Truth - with Louis Farrakhan

Myths About the Arab Slave Trade - by Owen ‘Alik Shahadah

Darfur Truth Report - at Africanholocaust.net
"Who is behind the campaign and what actions are they calling for?
Even a cursory look at the supporters of the campaign shows the prominent role of right-wing evangelical Christians and major Zionist groups to “Save Darfur.”

The Executive Committee of SAVE DARFUR: scroll down the page to see list

An Interview with Sudanese Compatriot Ismail Kamal - at IndyMedia, May, 2006 http://newswire.indymedia.org/en/2006/05/839852.shtml

In Harlem, a discussion on the Sudan

Just Saying No to Imperialist Intervention in Sudan- Gary Leuppo

No imperialist intervention in Sudan! " The “fig leaf” of the UN is in reality a blood soaked whip. Several murderous campaigns – from Korea to Haiti – have been carried out under what revolutionary Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara called “the discredited flag of the United Nations.” http://www.revolutionaryleft.com/index.php?showtopic=65858

Hands Off Sudan! "We must realize the implications of urging the President to commit the United States to intervene in an ongoing civil war in a foreign land thousands of miles away." - Dr. Ron Paul is a Republican member of Congress from Texas. http://www.lewrockwell.com/paul/paul195.html

the Al Shifa plant, known as the "pride of Africa," supplied the most basic medical and veterinary needs for Sudan and other African countries and was not a weapons factory. http://www.iacenter.org/bosnia/sudan.htm

Sudanese president answers questions on Darfur
By Askia Muhammad May 14, 2007


Black media delegation returns from Darfur
By Jehron Muhammad May 15, 2007
U.S., British interference complicates Sudan crisis

Sudan's president against Israel: "This is a camouflage for what is happening in Iraq, in Palestine, in Afghanistan." http://www.jpost.com/servlet/Satellite?pagename=JPost%2FJPArticle%2FShowFull&cid=1162378504117

The Zionist Plan for the Middle East

A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties

Sudan-Numeri-Sharon-Saudi-Iran Contra-butions:

In May 1982, a clandestine gathering brought Mr. Schwimmer, Mr. Nimrodi, Foreign Ministry Director-General David Kimche (late of the Mossad), Mr. Sharon (who had replaced Mr. Weizman as defense minister) and his wife Lily, together with Sudanese President Gaafar Numeiri at a Kenyan safari resort owned by Mr. Khashoggi.

Mr. Schwimmer said the Israelis won Numeiri's agreement to allow Ethiopian Jews safe passage through Sudan on their way to the Jewish state. In return, he said, Israel would later spirit Numeiri out of the country when his regime was toppled. "Otherwise his opponents would have killed him."

Mr. Melman said that for Mr. Khashoggi, and for Mr. Sharon and Mr. Kimche as well, much more was at stake. "They proposed to Numeiri that the Sudan become a gigantic arms cache for weapons either produced or captured by Israel. Saudi Arabia was to finance the project, aimed largely at selling weapons to exiled Iranian generals for a major coup attempt.

In the end, the Mossad foiled the plan, going behind Mr. Sharon's back to persuade the late shah's son, then in Morocco, to veto it.

Three years later, Mr. Schwimmer, now an adviser to then-Prime Minister Peres, became a principal player in the Iran-contra affair, an undercover operation disclosed in 1986, in which money from covert U.S. arms sales to Iran was to be used to finance anti-communist guerrillas in Nicaragua. Subsequent joint House-Senate hearings focused for a time on the role of Mr. Schwimmer.

In a 1987 hearing, ex-U.S. Air Force Gen. Richard Secord, one of many Iran-contra go-betweens, testified that Mr. Schwimmer paid $1 million in November 1995 to finance shipment of five loads of HAWK anti-aircraft missiles to Iran. Gen. Secord said that only one shipment was made, at a cost of about $200,000, and that Mr. Schwimmer never asked for the balance to be refunded.

Marine Lt. Col. Oliver North, a former National Security Council aide, then decided to spend the money to aid the financially-strapped contras, Gen. Secord continued, quipping, to the panel's surprise, "So Mr. Schwimmer made a 'Contra-bution.'"

Darfur, the new American-French Protectorate

U.S. Air Force Team Deploys to Prepare for Sudan Airlift Mission

U.S. air strikes in Somalia 'kill many'

USAF delivers 350 African Union troops to Darfur Sudan

Whats in the Box?

Darfur: About the Israeli Presence

Sudanese soldiers had been battling more than 5,000 "Eritrean invaders led by white foreigners, including some Israelis "

Malcolm X on Zionism: Zionist Logic and Africa

President Bush Meets with "Save Darfur" Advocates

Israel's hand in Sudan's past and future

The Zionist plan for the Middle East

Without the waters of the Nile River, Egypt would cease to exist – quickly

US Jews leading Darfur rally planning

Save Darfur? Jews out front.

Craig Sumberg, social action co-chair at Adat Shalom Reconstructionist Congregation in Bethesda, said that " save for the pro-Israel rally four years ago and the 1987 Soviet Jewry rally " he sees a higher level of excitement in the Jewish community for Sunday.s rally than any other similar event in recent years, including abortion rights and gun control marches.

"It's hard to argue with the perception that the Jewish community has taken this more to heart than any other" faith community, he said. http://www.washingtonjewishweek.com/main.asp?SectionID=4&SubSectionID=4&ArticleID=5200

The Importance of Darfur to the Jewish Community - by Joachim Martillo

The Coming U.S. War on Sudan

Israel's hand in Sudan's past and future

Zionism and Slavery in Sudan

Jews Try "Anti-Slavery"
"UN troops would get large resistance"

Sudan needs help, not sanctions - A report from Darfur Sudan, By Dora Muhammad http://www.finalcall.com/artman/publish/article_1581.shtml

UN Peacekeeping Paramilitarism - by Steve Lendman

US State Intervention Will Not Solve Sudan's Problems

Sudan, Oil, and the Darfur Crisis. Are the U.S. and Britain seeking a pretext for intervention in order to take advantage of Sudan's oil? by Enver Masud http://www.twf.org/News/Y2004/0807-Darfur.html
(Many good links)

Zionism and Slavery in Sudan

Zionists lie about Sudan at Rally for war against Sudan

Darfur: damned by pity. There is no civil war so bad that it cannot be made worse by the intervention of Western liberals.

"kNOw Genocide" - Stop the zionist attacks on Sudan http://boston.indymedia.org/newswire/display/63290/index.php

Jewish groups find going tough as they work to attack Sudan

Blair stuns defence chiefs with Sudan troops invasion plan

The liberal position is hardly distinguishable from the Bush administration's position on Darfur, and the Clinton administration's position on Kosovo.


Stop the War Against Sudan

"genocide," was a conversion "dictated by domestic considerations." http://blog.zmag.org/ee_links/sudan2

Sudan rejects 'colonial' troops, BBC, June 20 at

Khartoum accuses UN of giving cover to rebel leader,

"Save Darfur": Evangelicals and Establishment Jews

Sudan's Bashir rules out UN force in Darfur,

"Jihad, Jihad, Jihad" hand-in-hand with the Zionist State in destabilizing Sudan's Muslim government.

U.S. Ambassador to the UN John Bolton has blocked a UN envoy from briefing the Security Council on Darfur,

U.S. President George W. Bush speaks at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum about the urgent need for action in Darfur.
Video of Bush calling for Acts of War:

AU & the New Imperialism, Daily Observer (Banjul), June 27

Why Is West Showing So Much Interest in Darfur Sudan? Continued foreign intervention threatens Sudan’s unity and stability and the future of its people who should be allowed to live as an ethnically and culturally diverse nation. Foreign powers must take their hands off Sudan. http://www.arabnews.com/?page=7&section=0&article=64806&d=3&m=6&y=2005&pix=opinion.jpg&category=Opinion

Darfur: The scramble for Africa's oil: However, as in other African countries, it turns out that the discovery of oil was not a blessing but a curse, a curse because it has attracted the attention of various imperialist powers seeking to amass all oil resources under their exclusive control and to retain the lion's share of the profits for themselves rather than dissipate them on development for the benefit of local people."

US opens new war front in North Africa"

"While World Capitalists Spend Trillions of Dollars on their Wanton Wars, Hunger Kills 18,000 Children Each Day" by Hassan El-Najjar can be found at

"From Yugoslavia to Iraq to Sudan"

US Based Mercenaries in Darfur:

"Darfur Diplomacy: Enter the Contractors" by Pratap Chatterjee

"SUDAN: U.S. Contractors to Support African Forces" by Nick Simeone

Human Rights was nothing more than a propaganda slogan

Protest against US Congressman James McGovern, who is an advocate of US war against Sudan and who will be giving a pro-war speech. http://mailman.mit.edu/pipermail/peace-announce/Week-of-Mon-20060529/001027.html

Sudan Supports Liberation:

Saving sudan from slavery is a novel idea since they were the first successful rebellion movement of the third world against western colonialism in the Rebellion of the Mahdi from 1881 to 1898

Sudan calls for Intifada volunteers

Zionist rain of death on Sudan

Intervention in Sudan?

Mounting evidence of US destabilisation of Sudan

Aid workers charge political motives in US claim of “genocide” in Darfur http://www.wsws.org/articles/2004/oct2004/sud-o16.shtml

Sudan: why Powell calls Darfur violence “genocide” http://www.wsws.org/articles/2004/sep2004/sudn-s20.shtml

Humanitarian crisis in Sudan used as cover for neo-colonial ambitions http://www.wsws.org/articles/2004/jul2004/dafu-j28.shtml

What are the real reasons for the US missile strikes (On Sudan)? http://www.wsws.org/news/1998/aug1998/bomb-a26.shtml

In light of yesterday's bombing attacks on the Sudan: The press and US militarism -- a lesson from history

Sudan Links

Speak Out Against The US Zionist UN, War on Sudan

Sudan is a country with a per capita GDP of less that $2500 per year whose people have already been hurt by US sanctions and boycotts. The US has starved Sudan with sanctions, instigated the civil wars in Sudan, armed the rebels, and then blamed the Sudanese government for all the deaths (whether by violence or famine or disease) and called it genocide.

The Anti-Sudan propaganda campaign that is primarily organized and funded by zionist groups (especially the JCRC / CJP) is incredibly offensive. They are demonizing the government and people of the largest country in Africa. The US has starved Sudan with sanctions, instigated the civil wars in Sudan, armed the rebels, and then blamed the Sudanese government for all the deaths (whether by violence or famine or disease) and called it genocide. Meanwhile the US has sponsored a war in Congo in which millions of people have died, and no one is talking about that - there are no Muslims to demonize and falsely blame in Congo. The US has definitely committed genocide in Iraq, and is supporting a genocidal colonial settler regime in Palestine. The Sudanese government opposes the US war against Iraq and the US/Israeli oppression of the Palestinians. A Sudan divestment campaign is aimed primarily at the Chinese oil company trying to stop China from obtaining oil from Sudan. The US already cut China off from Iraqi oil by invading Iraq.

What Zionists Really think about Sudan:

“israel’s moral obligation to the people of Darfur”
"...i otherwise dont give a fidlers fart about the people of darfur.
You heard me right! as harash as this may sound, I wont lose a bit of sleep if all the residents of darfur die and no matter how painfull a death. “Why?!?!” you ask, simply because I dont believe in moral obligations when it concerns a bunch of african goyim..."

"Bring the kingdom of God to an area of Sudan where the light of Jesus rarely shines."

Israel jails hundreds of Sudanese refugees, breaks their bones

"Save Darfur" spokesman:
"...the greatest Presidents of this greatest nation, Ronald Reagan. He had a vision for Sudan, we need him..."

"Take up the White Man's burden/ The savage wars of peace/ Fill full the mouth of famine /And bid the sickness cease;/ And when your goal is nearest/ The end for others sought,/ Watch Sloth and heathen Folly/ Bring all your hope to nought." http://www.telegraph.co.uk/opinion/main.jhtml?xml=/opinion/2004/07/20/do2002.xml

Regarding ISRAEL and Black Americans:
"Israel and New Sudan should form an alliance against the Arab world... I see the Arab man as our rapist and white supremacist. He is our greatest enemy."

"This grave situation forces the refugees to make the terrible choice of remaining out of jail and without medical insurance or giving up their freedom just so that they can obtain medical care," "The insufferable medical condition of the few Sudanese refugees residing in Israel is a blot on the health system."

"This disturbing omission calls into question the coalition's true agenda at the rally."

The Dangers of Misunderstanding Sudan.

Strategy for Conquest: The Hidden History of Zionism

the Islamization of banking has been completed the bank of Sudan has got rid of the treasury bills and government bonds instruments on which interest rates were applied

There are now only 5 nations on the world left without a Rothschild controlled central bank: Iran; North Korea; Sudan; Cuba; and Libya.

"To suggest that this is some sort of a U.S.-Israel conspiracy is ludicrous and insane,"

The Ethics of American Military Policy in Africa: "...seeing all the dead and wounded, he just felt used and stupid."

Save Darfur… from Bush. Exposing the Darfur Deception

CAMERA Never Lies

Apocalypse of Coercion “That’s just like hypnotizing chickens.” Iggy Pop

Project for the New American Century PNAC list of members

What an Odd Bird that Elie Wiesel is!

“Although the Nobel committee extolled him as a 'messenger to mankind' it is difficult to find examples of Wiesel sending any message on behalf of those victimized by the policies of the United States, and virtually impossible when it comes to victims of Israel.”

"We had fed the heart on fantasies. The heart's grown brutal from the fare." W. B. Yeats

Out of Iraq... Into Darfur?

"Darfur: I’ve sensed for awhile that some forces are using the alleged "genocide" in that region to divert attention from the ongoing slaughter in Iraq (and ongoing brutalization of the Palestinians by Israel), and to depict another targeted Arab regime as so villainous as to require what the neocons call "regime change."

I found it bizarre: what happened at that Darfur rally .

The Darfur crisis is following a pattern which is so well-worn now that it has almost become routine.

Christian Solidarity International, according to We Hold These Truths, is "a pseudo-Christian Front for an offshore corporation which generates and disseminates largely untrue or unproved statements of Christian persecution primarily aimed at countries that are unfriendly to the state of Israel, such as Sudan.

Welcome to Christian Solidarity International http://csi-int.org/

The Prophecy of Oded Yinon, Is the US Waging Israel's Wars?

Somali Leader Says U.S. Backs Warlords

The Break up of Arab states:

"The Arab world, together with the Arab League, was late in supporting Sudan against this aggressive onslaught at a time when the Zionist groups and their influential centres and organizations in the world worked hard to achieve their strategic aims over the years. Africa has recently become aware of the aims of this scheme, which adversely affects regional security. It adopted decisions which made the restoration of security and stability in Darfur an African responsibility. It decided that the issue of Darfur should be dealt with through African mechanisms and within an African framework.
But the influential international forces employed large pressures on Africa and took the initiative away from it. They considered themselves the only side to diagnose the ailment and prescribe the medicine."

"The organizations are managed by Zionist circles that want to penetrate into Sudan through the Darfur gate after failing to do so through Southern Sudan. Those Zionist Israeli organizations found fertile soils for their objectives in the Darfur rebels. Israel had therefore entered Darfur and provided training for rebels and supported them through armament and finance to execute its policy in the Horn of Africa."

"It appears that the latest UN Security Council resolutions have placed Darfur entirely under international tutelage, whether the Sudanese parties like it or not. Darfur is on the verge of becoming an American-French protectorate – run from behind the scenes by the hidden hands of "“Israel,"” which has opened offices for itself in the refugee camps in Chad, and whose cabinet held a special session solely to deal with a discussion of the Darfur crisis. All this is going on at a time when many people in the Arab world are just now wondering, "where is that Darfur place, anyway?"”

"People who are skeptical about zionist regional designs should read the extensive literature written by Israeli generals and political leaders. A good place to start is Oded Yinon's "A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties." It sketches out a plan for breaking up "the Arab Moslem world" into small ethnic states that will be weak and therefore incapable of resisting Israel and Israeli regional dominance."

"Searching on the Darfur charade and found this on the Jewish Defamation Agency ADL terrorist organization'’s website under "“anti-Semitic" news:
"…Men and women from the Darfur area participated in these demonstrations (against UN resolution 1593). They announced that the attack against them came by incitement of America and participation of Israel, which granted weapons and financial support to men who came from outside Sudan's land to attack the Darfur area, in order to accomplish two goals: the first is to steal the abundant uranium in Darfur by America, and the second is to split up Sudan so this will be the beginning of the road towards making the Arab countries minimal for Israel's interest, whom America endeavors to make gigantic in preparation for its role in the area of the big Middle East…"

"Further east, the USA, supported by the German marines, have already planted themselves in Djibouti. Eritrea is also considered pro-American and, still further, an Israeli base on the continent. Israel is, for obvious reasons, always ready when it's a question of destabilizing an Arab country. The relationships between the USA and the regimes in Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Chad and also Egypt are quite close. All that's missing in making the chain complete from the Atlantic to the Red Sea or Indian Ocean is Sudan."

"According to a book published by the Dayan Institute for Middle East and Africa Studies called "Israel and the Sudanese Liberation Movement", Israel adopted a strategy which they called 'pulling the limbs then cutting them off'. What this policy entailed was the building of bridges with minority groups, pulling them out of the nationalist context and then 'encouraging'
them to separate.

"Tel Aviv hoped that this strategy would inevitably weaken the Arab world, break it down and threaten its interests at the same time. In order for this strategy to work, Mossad agents opened lines of communication and connections with the Kurds in Iraq, Maronites in
Lebanon and Southerners in Sudan."

What better way to break up arab states than by turning off their water because
"Without the waters of the Nile River, Egypt would cease to exist"

So no big suprise Donald Rumsfeilds old firm ABB is contracting on a dam in Sudan.

"The Sudan commitment of the ABB is guessed/advised also by five US-American pension funds, which hold ABB shares, under pressure: They do not want to be brought with activities or violations of human rights of terror in connection. The institutional investors, under it the largest public US-American pension fund Calpers, announced, to repel their participation should ABB further in the Sudan remain active. According to ABB speaker tungsten Eberhard has the enterprise thereupon Amnesty international contacted and the advice gotten to remain in the country to be careful and the dialogue with local groups of interests search. The representatives of IRN and Eawag do not want to exclude that depending upon situation also large-scale projects can be meaningful. "one must prevent however in any case to repeat old errors and in Africa there is unfortunately more failed than successful dam projects", says Bernhard Wehrli. "important would be to clarify first together with the local concerning which for a project is meaningful. But actually it runs at present in such a way that large-scale projects are from the outset set and are realized by governments and investors nearly at any price."

Energy: Oil and uranium

"So why has Colin Powell and George Bush heightened the anti-Sudan and anti-Islam rhetoric at a time when there seems to be a marked improvement? One need only scratch the surface of Sudan to find out why Powell was sent over to Africa to "care" about her. The same BBC reported that the unrest in Sudan is entirely due to the vast oil deposits in that country's southern region and that the race to extract it is driving all of Sudan's conflicts. Correspondent Andrew Harding reported that "48 villages were burned in just one new oil concession last year."


"In the post office-colonial state the Sudan changed this relationship however fundamentally. In particular of the NIF controlled government in Khartum weakened the traditional master leaders purposefully and gave parts of their Laendereien to Arab Nomadenstaemme. The traditional competition of farmers and cattle breeders around the soil had been intensified clearly in the region in the course of the Sahel sahel-Duerre and progressing of the Sahara to the south for the 70's."

Anti zionism and Old history:

Both the lebanese resistance movement hezbolla and the Hamas islamic resistance movement are said to have found support from the Sudanese. Also zionists wont forget that during the jewish terror gangs rampages in palestine in 1948, Sudanese fighters came to the aid of the local population. The SLA is believed to have trained along with Israeli forces at otis airforce base in Massachussests USA

Hoax Humanitarianism:

"I want to make clear that behind this information war are two resource wars. The first, smaller war is the war for good pasture and farmland in drought-prone Darfur. Actors in the larger war exploit the smaller war in a scramble for competitive oil prices and related profits – by means of weapons dealing and oil extraction from the Muglad Basin which extends across Sudan, under Darfur, to join the Doba basin of Chad. "

"The actors in the information war and the oil war defer most of the cost of their war onto the farmers and animal herders of Sudan, at the same time as they silence the voices of these poor people through controlling the stories of the conflict. The Government of Sudan justified each historic incident as a response to an insurgency, or what first-world countries call terrorism. Darfur fits the pattern, with limited rebel attacks on government installations in 2003 preceding the brutal land-clearing. "

"The US is no stranger to this divide and displace strategy, having funded and armed similar land-clearing and market-protection offenses in Columbia and Nigeria for oil, in the West Bank in Palestine for water and farmland, and over the last 500 years in North America for control of coal, gold, uranium, real estate value, and farmland."

anti slavery:

"Jews Try "Anti-Slavery", A Jewish group calling itself the American Anti-Slavery Group has focussed its attention on an alleged trade in Black slaves in Africa. Better late than never, even if they are tardy by a century-and-a-half. This Massachusetts-based "organization," consisting of one Charles Jacobs, a stack of stationery, a fax machine, and the combined power of the Jewish press, call themselves "new abolitionists." While their efforts have freed not a single "slave," they still have time to perform their true function"

also see

Sudan’s Oil Industry Sanctioned by Bush - by Ruxandra Adam

"We called it a genocide and then we wine and dine the architects of the conflict,,,"

Rev. Sharpton reportedly marched against the Iraq war in New York on Saturday, then marched in Washington on Sunday for more intervention in Sudan.

anti-American rally following Thursday's US cruise missile strike on Sudan

Good Zionist archive of pro war politician quoyes

" Could it be that our commitment to Darfur is somehow viewed with suspicion when The Jews are calling for yet another intervention against Islamic aggression? "

The David Project, the "American Anti-Slavery Group” and Charles Jacobs http://semitism.net/?p=51

Ariel Sharon, the foreign minister, caused a sensation by saying that "Israel should not legitimise Nato’s aggression, led by the United States … Israel could be the next victim of the sort of action now going on in Kosovo … Imagine what would happen if one fine day the Arabs declared autonomy for the Galilee and links with the Palestinian Authority" (

"...in The Jewish Advocate, the Executive Director of the JCRC, Nancy Kaufman, was quoted as saying that she thought that it was “outrageous” that Jews should protest other Jews just before Pesach WHEN THE JCRC HAS BEEN WORKING TO STOP THE GENOCIDE IN DARFUR”. She didn’t say that she did or did not agree with the message on Israel/Palestine, but tried to use Darfur to deflect from the issue. ... To try to point to Darfur to deflect criticism on another topic is a manipulation of this crisis and calls into account the JCRC’s motives."

Black Americans:

Janjaweed = rebel forces, Sudan conflict brings tears. Black Press delegation visits war-torn region

CFR, Council On foriegn Relations: Giving Meaning to 'Never Again' http://www.cfr.org/publication.html?id=7402

IASPS, The Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Studies “African Oil: A Priority for U. S. National Security and African Development” http://www.iasps.org/strategic/africatranscript.pdf

IASPS "Study Group on a New Israeli Strategy Toward 2000."
A Clean Break:A New Strategy for Securing the Realm
HRW, Human Rights Watch "Sudan, Oil, and Human Rights"

Ambassador Josette Sheeran: (Now head of World Food Program)
Under Secretary for Economic, Energy and Agricultural Affairs., a member of the Council for Foreign Relations for more than a decade, She represents the United States at a wide variety of high-level bilateral and multilateral meetings including serving as Alternative Governor for the World Bank; the Inter-American Development Bank; the African Development Bank; the Asian Development Bank; and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Congress also confirms her as a Member of the Board of Directors for the Overseas Private Investment Corporation. managing director of Starpoint Solutions, a leading Wall Street technology firm, also served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Empower America, one of Washington's 100 Most Powerful Women http://www.state.gov/r/pa/ei/biog/51686.htm
Former editor of the Moonie owned Washington Times. http://www.innercitypress.com/wfp110606.html


USAF Biblography on Sudan


... about a meeting that took place between the residents of Darfur, the so-called the Arabs and the Non-Arabs. It so happened that the representative of the Fur tribe was a fair-skinned person, while the representative of the so-called Arabs was black. So who is who? It is all invented.

As prominent Jewish organizations, and nationally renowned Jewish "leaders" - such as the Nobel Peace Prize winning hypocrite, Elie Wiesel - assemble their compliant forces for their "Genocide in Darfur" assemblies on Sunday, let us NOT FORGET the GENOCIDE that the Israeli Government - with the slavish support of Zionist Jews, Zionist Christians, and a spineless political establishment in the United States of Amnesia - have been committing against the PALESTINIAN PEOPLE!

Regarding Sanctions, Divestment, and Military Intervention against, Sanctions have repeatedly proven to have far greater impact on the innocent populations of targeted countries. Case in point: Iraq. It is our sincere belief that an Iraq (or even Kosova) styled military intervention would be catastrophic for that entire region of Africa.(1) Nearly everyone is Muslim; (2) Everyone is black; (3) It’s all about politics; (4) This conflict is international; (5) The “genocide” label made it worse.

UN troops should stay out of Sudan and all (of) Africa

"… First, first of all … the solution is not us. The solution is themselves. Secondly, who provides the money? Where the money flowing? Who provides the weapons? Who provides the ideology? And is more intervention the solutions for the past interventions which led to the situation we have now?" http://www.indcjournal.com/archives/000574.php

Sudan Government and southern rebels sign peace pledge, Video
"...of 48 years since Sudan won independence 39 have witnessed war..." http://www.finalcall.com/artman/publish/article_1639.shtml

Save Sudan: The Zionist Lobby and Coordinated Media

Sudan's Bashir Says US Dominated By 'Zionists'

Operation Moses,
The United States' role in Operation Sheba was significant in more ways than one. First, the operation was organized, conducted, and to some extent financed by the State Department, the CIA, and the air force. The CIA carried out this humanitarian mission with precision and in the clandestine fashion in which it normally operates. The US. government clearly risked security concerns for a purely humanitarian gesture. Despite the fall of Numeiry, U.S. interests in the Sudan have not been seriously hurt; moreover, the rescue operation was a stunning success,

Operation Sheba

Bush met with Weaver and the CIA station chief in Khartoum to discuss means for carrying out the president's order to rescue the Ethiopian Jews remaining in Sudan. To avoid the possibility of disclosure, Reagan wanted the operation carried out within three to four days. Weaver took an embassy plane to check out the runway of a remote airstrip near Gedaref, midway between the camps where most of the Ethiopian Jews were living, and found that it would be acceptable for the operation.

On March 28, 1985, the operation, codenamed “Sheba,” began with Ethiopian Jews from Israel working for the Mossad identifying the Ethiopian Jews in the camps and taking them by truck to the airstrip. The airstrip itself was eight miles outside of Gedaref, just far enough so that it would be difficult to spot the planes from the town.

Planes designed to hold ninety passengers each were prepared at the American base near Frankfurt, West Germany. Planes filled with food, water, and medical supplies ( AND TONS OF WEAPONS? ) were flown from an Israeli military base near Eilat to the airstrip in Sudan. These camouflaged U.S. Hercules transports landed at twenty-minute intervals to pick up their passengers. Sudanese security officers cordoned off the area and, by 9:00 a.m., all of the Ethiopian Jews were evacuated. Instead of going to an intermediate destination, the planes flew directly to an Israeli air force base outside Eilat where the passengers were greeted by Prime Minister Shimon Peres. The organizers had prepared to airlift as many as two thousand Ethiopian Jews from the camps, but they found only 494, so three planes returned from Sudan empty.

CIA-Mossad Kidnapped Ethopian Jews

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia - Ethiopia's government demanded yesterday that Israel return thousands of abducted Ethiopian black Jews who were airlifted to Israel, and likened the operation to the slave trade. In a broadcast on Addis Ababa radio, monitored in London, Ethiopian leader Mengistu Haile Mariam said

"this tragic act resembled the slave trade"

and accused Sudan of collaborating in airlifting the Falashas to Israel.
Mengistu made his appeal in messages to U.N. Secretary General Javier Perez de Cuellar, Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi of India, who is current chairman of the nonaligned movement, and President Julius Nyerere of Tanzania, the chairman of the Organization of African Unity.
He urged the three leaders to look for ways in which the Ethiopian citizens could be returned.

"The Ethiopian government . . . calls on the international community to prevail on Israel to respond favorably to Ethiopia's demand for the orderly and immediate repatriation of the abducted citizens," the ministry statement said.

In one of its strongest attacks yet on the secret Israeli airlift, Ethiopia charged that thousands of Falashas were kidnaped with the connivance of neighboring Sudan, which it said received $1000 dollars for each person airlifted to the Jewish state.

"The entire operation conjures up the revival of the slave trade," the statement said.

Israel announced in January it had carried out a secret airlift, by way of Europe and Sudan, to transport about 10,000 Ethiopian Jews from the province of Gondar, in northern Ethiopia, to Israel "It is a serious affront to the sensibilities of world public opinion that the current drought and famine in Ethiopia should be invoked as an excuse for the Israeli-engineered, and Sudanese- assisted massive kidnaping of the Falashas," said the statement.


"From Al-Aqsa to Darfour," Sudan is Being Attacked and Divided… to Besiege Egypt

"The third piece is the cruel attack on the Sudan because of the events in Darfour. During this time, we are hearing and reading about the demand from outside Sudan to try those involved [in the events in Darfour], and about the threat of sanctions on Sudan, based on Chapter Seven of the charter of the U.N. Security Council. What is strange is that Washington is leading this act, while it refuses to implement the same law and the same criteria for itself, its citizens, or its soldiers everywhere in the world! And this is while Israel does as it wishes without any accountability, and the American officers and soldiers still do as they wish in Iraq, with no oversight!

"The [actual] aim is to attack and divide the Sudan, because it is considered the Arab heart in Africa and the African heart in the Arab nation, and in order to besiege Egypt – the base of the [Arab] nation from the south – and to tighten the noose around it, as Israel is situated northwest of it!"

Why Is West Showing So Much Interest in Darfur?
Foreign powers have sought by all means to derail the
Sudanese peace talks between the north and south
before adding fuel to the fire in Darfur. Those powers
drove some tribes to rebel against the legitimate
government in Khartoum in order to open the door to
foreign intervention and the ultimate disintegration
of Sudan into tiny tribal entities to serve their
strategic interests.

Tread softly in Sudan
World Food Program:
Starve at home or go to a capo run concentrated camp to Work for food building roads, Food for Recovery, Food for Education (send your kids for "reeducation" if you want them to eat)

"...the perceived issue of Western nations versus the
Islamic religion. Sudan is a nation composed of a
large percentage of Muslims and a nation such as the
United States would experience considerable
international and Middle-Eastern condemnation if they
were to invade a third Arab country in five years,
including Afghanistan and Iraq." (Dont forget
Palestine 58 years!)

Jason A. Small, deputy director of the Office of Sudan
Programs Group at the U.S. Department of State,
gives update on condition
of Darfur

"The Partnership for Effective Peacekeeping

estimates that to meet the peacekeeping needs in Sudan“ both for the UN force in South Sudan (UNMIS) and for a Darfur
mission“ the U.S. contribution should be $675 million in Fiscal Year 2008 to the UN peacekeeping apparatus. Instead, the total
Administration request is $391 million, just $10 million more than the previous year, leaving a
shortfall for security in Sudan of about $284 million. Taking into account the $98 million
already provided by Congress for a UN force in Darfur, we can estimate that the shortfall
in the Administration's request for Darfur security for Fiscal Year 2008 is approximately
$186 million."

I would encourage the Administration to submit a budget amendment to Congress for Fiscal Year 2008 requesting an additional
$186 million for Darfur security through the African Union. I would also encourage the
Senate and House to give the Administration the authority to transfer any or all of
those funds to the UN Peacekeeping account if deployment of a UN or hybrid force
supersedes the need for bilateral funding."

Senator Durbin has introduced, and several members of the Committee
have cosponsored, S. 831, a bill which would do just that (allow Divestment laws currently illegial to prevent divestment from isntreal.
The prompt passage of S. 831, which is currently awaiting action in the Senate Banking Committee, will ensure that
states are not barred from doing their part to fight the genocide in Darfur. I also
encourage this Committee to urge Senate leadership to schedule a swift vote for S. Res.
76, the resolution regarding the regionalization of the Darfur conflict into Chad and the
Central African Republic which was introduced by Senator Feingold and recently
reported by the Committee to the full Senate for consideration.

Group invests for divestment "Save Darfur" Coalition spends $80,000k on T station ad buy

As part of a national Divest for Darfur campaign, the Save Darfur Coalition launched an
advertising "station domination" of the Park Street subway station.

The Park Street ad buy cost $80,000, according to MBTA spokesperson Joe Pesaturo.

Allyn Brooks-LaSure, spokes women and Eric Cohen, co-chair of the Massachusetts Coalition to
Save Darfur, said the national coalition recently joined in the existing Boston divestment campaign,
rustling up some on-street leafleting help and then designing and paying for the subway ads. The state and
national coalitions have an informal relationship.


US 'hyping' Darfur genocide fears
"Concern about USAID's role as an honest broker in Darfur have been mounting for months, with diplomats as well as aid workers puzzled over its pronouncements and one European diplomat accusing it of...

'plucking figures from the air'.

Under the Bush administration, the work of USAID has become increasingly politicised. But over Sudan, in particular, two of its most senior officials have long held strong personal views. Both Natsios, a former vice-president of the Christian charity World Vision, and Winter have long been hostile to the Sudanese government."

Really, why should the rebels accept any peace deal, when Washington, given an excuse by the pro-war rally organized by an odd alliance of evangelicals and establishment Jews,1 is pushing for NATO interventions just at this moment? "U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said on Thursday that the African Union (AU) peacekeeping mission in Sudan's Darfur region was not strong enough and that NATO should take on a larger role there" (Reuters, "Rice Urges Expanded NATO Role in Darfur," 30 April 2006). The rebels would naturally think: "Why don't we wait till Washington sends us NATO or UN or US troops to weaken the government's hands, so we can get a better deal?"

Sudan killings in Darfur not "genocide", says UN report
A United Nations investigation into killings in Sudan's Darfur region has ruled that Khartoum did not pursue a policy of "genocide",

The plant in Khartoum

Who Unmuzzled the Rifle?

Let peace prevail,
Cleanse your conscience, keep prosperity alive,
The Moura Hill now wears a green shawl,
Pick your sickles, drop your weapons, bow;
Our Sudan is happy with her faithful youth.

The rifle began to speak in Darfur only after the Libya-Chad war in the late 1980s, and the Chadian civil war that followed. Robbers have been called janjewid only after Chadian tribes immigrated to Darfur. The term janjewid, originally borrowed from Chad, consists of three syllables: jan means “man”; je means G-3 machine gun, very popular in Darfur; wid means “horse.” The whole word therefore means “the man who rides a horse and carries a G-3 machine gun.” The Chadian tribes that had immigrated to Darfur changed the Darfuris’ code of conduct and brought new behavior like armed robbery, plundering, and carrying heavy arms into the region. The original native Darfuri was armed simply with the old Enfield rifle, which was used to drive the wolves away from his sheep.


"Slave Redemption" was a fraudulent campaign, designed to defraud people of their money. A segment on CBS’s Sixty Minutes, hosted by Dan Rather, interviewed that movement’s co-founder, Jim Jacobson, who said "it is a hoax, a staged story and a circus.” The Reverend Mario Riva, an Italian Priest who lived in Southern Sudan for decades said "most of the time slave redemption was a trick."

The Slave Redemption industry became defunct soon thereafter. The Sudan Coalition, a "bipartisan entity" as its members strive to describe it, deserves credit for prolonging the miseries of all Sudanese throughout the civil war by pressuring the Clinton Administration to pursue an irrational policy toward Sudan. In April 2001 former President Carter said “the people in Sudan want to resolve the conflict. The biggest obstacle is the U.S. government policy. Any sort of peace effort is aborted basically by policies of the United States. Instead of working for peace in Sudan, the U.S. government has basically promoted a continuation of war."

The manipulation of good hearted people who care deeply about Sudan, through the use of disinformation about Slave Redemption, terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, and other false allegations, is wrong and counterproductive. It was wrongheaded years ago and remains the same today.

Rev. Ray Hammond, and his wife, Gloria Hammond (My sisters Keeper and Christian Solidarity International) Heads two of the city's largest foundations – the Boston Foundation, of which he is chairman, and the Yawkey Foundation II – helping oversee a combined $1.25 billion in philanthropic assets, http://www.boston.com/news/globe/magazine/articles/2006/12/10/a_family_of_fighters/

Oil is behind struggle in Darfur

While Dr. Eric Reeves has written about the Central Intelligence Agency with his recent focus on Darfur, at least, he has in the past taken the position that there is no CIA connection to Sudan or its internal affairs. In a personal communication in 2001 Dr. Eric Reeves said: "I don’t know that there’s any significant CIA role in Sudan…No, the CIA is not involved there."

However, ties to U.S. intelligence predate the current Islamic regime. From 1964 to 1984 Sudan was run by the corrupt U.S. client dictatorship of Col. Jaafar Nimeiri. Within three days of the March 4, 1984 visit by former CIA Director and then Vice-President George H.W. Bush—which came under the U.S. propaganda banner of food AID for starving millions—Nimeiri instituted a purge against Islamic society, including mass arrests, executions and torture. Draconian IMF and World Bank "reforms" led to starvation, unemployment, mass riots and state repression. As Nimeiri stood arm-in-arm with Ronald Reagan for a New York Times piece in April, the U.S. quickly sent $64 million of a $181 million aid package to Khartoum in an unsuccessful attempt to crush the insurrection which soon toppled "old friend" Nimeiri.

In September of 1983, to gain support from the increasingly important Muslim Brotherhood in Sudan, President Nimeiri introduced the so-called Islamic law system of Sharia for all of the country, even the southern Christian and animist regions. Thus we can say that Christians in Sudan—and their brothers and sisters abroad—who are complaining about Sharia law and religious intolerance coming out of Khartoum today should trace their complaints about Sharia (Islamic Fundamentalist Law) back to the Central Intelligence Agency and their man Nimeiri.

In an interview with Howard French, former Africa bureau chief of the New York Times now based in Shanghai, French responded incredulously to the suggestion that the CIA was not involved in Sudan.

" Sudan has been an area of deep CIA involvement for many, many years. [To say that the CIA is not involved there] is just nonsense. Anyone who says that the CIA is not involved in Sudan, you know, is either willfully ignoring the truth…or just…stupid. It’s just not plausible. First of all [Colonel Jaafar Mohammed Al-Nimeiri], the former Sudanese President, was a CIA operative."

Is there oil in Darfur?

"In fact, a huge strategic game is taking place in central Africa for control of black gold," wrote Africa Research Bulletin. Indeed, Darfur proves a pivotal geographic prize: who ever controls Darfur not only controls Darfur’s oil but also has potential to control the oil in Chad:

"While financing the [Darfur] rebels, Beijing apparently has its attention focused on Chadian oil (200,000 barrels a day) extracted in the south of the country through a US-Malaysian consortium and conveyed to the United States via Cameroon ports and the Gulf of Guinea. A more favorably disposed government in N’Djamena [the capital of Chad] could grant oil permits and authorize an oil pipeline joining southern Chad and Sudan in order to reverse the flow of black gold. China apparently also has an interest in the sub soil of Darfur, which might harbor fossil fuels. So it seems that the war between Washington and Beijing has already begun, amid the sands of Africa."

When the conflict in Darfur spread to Chad and Central Africa Republic the Western media echoed the constant "genocide" refrain. With the above we find that the reality is a little more deeply submerged beneath the headlines. It appears that Chad is a pivotal element in the disastrous "Save Darfur!" equation. However in an international debate published by the BBC on 27 October 2007, Dr. Eric Reeves stated: "" Chad tells us nothing about Darfur."

On the contrary, the evidence suggests that Dr. Eric Reeves tells us nothing about Darfur.

If we were to distill it all down into the most simple analyses we might say this: What Exxon-Mobil and other more U.S.-based companies control in Chad, China wants; and what the Chinese National Petroleum Company and TotalFinaElf have in South Sudan, the US companies want. Darfur is right in the middle. :

A Warning to Africa: The New U.S. Imperial Grand Strategy http://www.somalilandtimes.net/sl/2006/266/71.shtml

The Logic of "Humanitarian Intervention" Neocolonial tool serving geopolitical interests

"As former U.S. President Jimmy Carter says, "The people in Sudan want to resolve the conflict. The biggest obstacle is US government policy. The US is committed to overthrowing the government in Khartoum. Any sort of peace effort is aborted, basically by policies of the United States...Instead of working for peace in Sudan, the US government has basically promoted a continuation of the war." In 2001, the U.S. House of Representatives’ “Sudan Peace Act,” provided ten million dollars in assistance to the National Democratic Alliance, described by U.S. Sudan special Stephen Morrison, the head of the Sudan project at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington-DC, as essentially a Darfuri rebel front group. Further support for Carter’s claims comes from Enver Masud, who refers to a Washington Post article investigating how in 1996, the U.S. sent nearly $20 million in surplus U.S. military equipment to Ethiopia, Eritrea and Uganda to topple the government of Sudan.[6] The U.S. under Bill Clinton even bombed a pharmaceutical plant in Sudan, claiming it was used to produce WMDs, when it was later revealed that U.S. missiles had actually been launched at the largest producer of anti-malarial medicines in Africa.

The U.S. has funded insurgencies in Sudan ever since the country moved away from the control of Western powers in the late 1970s, especially the rebel Sudanese People’s Liberation Movement and Army [SPLM/A]. The leader of the SPLA, John Garang, allied himself with the most reactionary wing of the U.S. ruling class: the Christian right were his principal ideological associates. Republican-right leader Senator Bill Frith once entered disputed South Sudan and was photographed with Garang. The U.S. Christian right is using the alleged oppression of Christians in the predominantly-Muslim south to justify a nineteenth-century style colonial intervention.

In negotiations with the Sudanese government, Garang managed to secure Kosovo-style autonomy for areas of southern Sudan. As part of a U.S. plan for balkanization, Sudan now has been strong-armed into accepting the unusual arrangement of a vice-president from Darfur and a vice-president from Southern Sudan. Garang’s wife is now meeting with U.S. leaders, including Frist, for further independence negotiations.[7]

To keep Sudan in a perpetual state of war, the U.S. makes sure at least one rebel group is on the move while another is engaged in peace talks. The recent round of “Save Darfur” demonstrations have taken place during a time of negotiations between government and rebel groups, and are designed to further destabilize the country. Yoshie Furuhashi explains, “The timing of the [April 30] rally was perfect, designed to coincide -- and scuttle -- the Abuja peace negotiations between the rebels and Khartoum brokered by the African Union, whose deadline is midnight today. And sure enough, the rebels rejected the peace deal.”[8] The U.S. needs rebel groups to win bigger victories, if it is to reverse China’s current advantageous position in Sudan.

In order to gain support for a U.S. military intervention, including NATO intervention as suggested by President Bush, the corporate media downplays the violence of and refusal to sign peace accords among the rebel insurgency, and instead covers Sudan’s civil war as if it is a one-sided human-rights crisis, with the Sudanese government as the “bad guys.” Far-worse conflicts in Africa, such as the nightmare in the Congo where millions have been killed, are ignored in favour of Darfur. As in Kosovo, all this coverage is designed to make us Canadians think that by putting Western boots on the ground, we can avert a humanitarian catastrophe.

What CNN, the state department, and the Western religious organizations aren’t telling us is that millions of Palestinians are on the verge of starvation because of entirely preventable actions by our governments. With the full support of “the West” and the “international community,” Canada, Israel, and other countries have cancelled essential food donations and aid critical to the survival of Palestinians, because we do not like the government they have elected. (Bringing democracy to the Middle East, indeed!) So, on the one hand, we are told to use military force to intervene in an “Arab” African conflict where we have no business, and on the other, are told to ignore a human rights catastrophe in Israel in which our own governments are complicit. How do our governments get away with this?"


Strategic victimhood in Sudan

Darfur was never the simplistic morality tale purveyed by the news media and humanitarian organizations. The region's blacks, painted as long-suffering victims, actually were the oppressors less than two decades ago - denying Arab nomads access to grazing areas essential to their survival. Violence was initiated not by Arab militias but by the black rebels who in 2003 attacked police and military installations.

Tribal Leaders Reject U.N. Force in Darfur,

"The root causes of the Darfur conflict are the doing of the Jewish organizations who financed this armed rebellion," Jalaladin said. "We don't want the Security Council to be an instrument of the ugly undertakings of the United States of America."

If so, how can you imagine that deploying thousands, or more likely tens of thousands, of foreign soldiers in Darfur, a Sudanese province bigger than Iraq, is all it would take to stop the massacre there? When we went to Darfur in March, we were as desperate as anybody about the killings — and we still are. But what we learned in Sudan makes us wary of do-gooders in body armor — and of the double-think of balkanized minds branding as disaster in Iraq what they recommend for Darfur's salvation. We ought to have serious doubts about this new mission to civilize, done up in the latest colors.

When asked if the United States and its allies are trying to impose democracy in Sudan, the defence minister said democracy was not the issue, the issue is the resources. The other thing is the interest of the Israelis and the Zionists.

"They have an interest in South Sudan. Their interest is water and South Sudan has the potential to increase the water flow in the river Nile. We have five schemes in the south which can increase the water level.

"One of the states is Jungli - it alone can generate around 4 billion cubic metres of water. That is why the Jewish state wants an independent south so that the water from the south can flow through the river Nile and into Israel and so forth," Hussain said.

He added that Sudan is aware of the Jewish conspiracy since 1955 when the first rebellion took place in the south and the group of rebels was trained in Israel under the supervision of the Mossad.

"Have they found those weapons and what have they done to Iraq now?"

Canadian ex-Mossad agent recalls his career as a ‘combatant’

"...fugitive financier Marc Rich helped Mossad in its activities in Yemen and the Sudan... The ex-spy chief did not spell out the details... but most Israelis are aware that Mossad had been active in those countries in the '80s...And black Jews from Ethiopia arrived in the Sudan and, from there, were secretly transported to Israel on military aircraft or naval vessels. Shavit, himself, was involved in the operations. As a cover for its agents in the Sudan, Mossad created a resort near the Red Sea."

Billioniare Marc Rich Was Spy For Israel, He used what one of his former lawyers called a "mammoth information-gathering operation" to gain entree to governments and to support his businesses."He was one of the biggest commodities traders in the world and had offices and active operations in all sorts of countries. He had friends in all sorts of places - high and low - and he certainly was in a position to provide sensitive information from a number of places,"

Tactical Use of Genocide in Sudan and the Five Lakes Region

In southern Sudan the war that John Garang provoked and fought killed more people than the Rwandan ‘genocide’ but more slowly. Since 1983, most of the two million confirmed casualties died from starvation. The regional population was displaced.


darfur archive links

The next Zionist Plot after Darfur - North Korean Nukes

This article is my basis reference to the situation in Sudan and demonstrates that 2003 was definitely not the starting point.

After reading the NIF's Opposition, this may be of particular interest.
"President Bush will meet with Minni Minawi, Sudan Liberation Movement/Army Leader, at the White House on July 25, 2006. The focus of the discussion will be on how to broaden support for the Darfur Peace Agreement, facilitate its implementation, and ensure the expeditious deployment of U.N. peacekeepers to Darfur."

Minni Minnawi -The colour of Christianity in Sudan: http://www.whitehouse.gov/news/r...-0404-515h.htm

That meeting led to:

Joseph says that there is a secret agreement between the Darfur rebels, American intelligence and the Israeli Mossad. According to him, there’s a plan to invade Sudan under the pretext of what’s happening in Darfur which he says will be the excuse this time instead of WMDs. He says after the invasion takes place, the United States will bring down the Khartoum government and replace it with a friendlier one. Following that, the US is supposed to start sucking oil and stealing uranium but wait there’s more. The US will also divert some of the Nile’s water to Israel using high capacity pipes! Joseph then goes to conclude that Sudan’s invasion will be the first step towards colonizing Egypt and here’s the best part. The pretext of invading Egypt will be liberating the oppressed Coptic Christians! I’m telling you people this article is amazing. You see this is exactly why Israel gave back the whole of gigantic Sinai to Egypt.

"Eronat is not interested in Darfur or political issues. He's interested in making money." http://www.guardian.co.uk/sudan/story/0,14658,1503470,00.html
Cliveden Group Sudan/Chad

Who Wants Peace in Darfur?
Really, why should the rebels accept any peace deal, when Washington, given an excuse by the pro-war rally organized by an odd alliance of evangelicals and establishment Jews,1 is pushing for NATO interventions just at this moment? "U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said on Thursday that the African Union (AU) peacekeeping mission in Sudan's Darfur region was not strong enough and that NATO should take on a larger role there" (Reuters, "Rice Urges Expanded NATO Role in Darfur," 30 April 2006). The rebels would naturally think: "Why don't we wait till Washington sends us NATO or UN or US troops to weaken the government's hands, so we can get a better deal?"

The current campaign to attack Sudan under the guise of protecting the people of Darfur is another manifestation of Zionist attempts to create 'regime change' in Sudan

The Darfur Crisis: Looking Beyond the Propaganda http://usa.mediamonitors.net/headlines/the_darfur_crisis_looking_beyond_the_propaganda

Darfur: a by-word for tragedy and hypocrisy In fact the West’s interest is both is maintaining disorder there, in order to justify its military and political interference, as typified by Ethiopia’s war in Somalia, and the belief that there may be substantial oil reserves in the Darfur region for future exploitation by Western oil companies. http://usa.mediamonitors.net/content/view/full/43249

This campaign – inspired by a meeting between Rabbi Saperstein, President Bush, and other Darfur advocates – will mobilize America’s faithful to visit the consulates and embassies of NATO and African Union countries, as well as Russia and China, and their UN offices. According to Rabbi Saperstein, ... Participants will ask embassies, consulates and United Nations’ missions to support UN resolutions to create a robust, well-equipped and effective peace-keeping force with a clear mandate to protect innocent civilian life.
For the Jewish community, “30 Days for Darfur” takes place between Passover and Shavuot, during the time of the “Counting of the Omer.” The Passover holiday marks the historical Jewish liberation from slavery; Shavuot is the Jewish holiday marking the reception of the Torah (Bible). Rabbi Saperstein explains that the Counting of the Omer “marks the transition from the redemption of the Passover exodus to the responsibility that comes with receiving the covenant of the Torah at Mt. Sinai.” This campaign will be completed on June 2nd, 2006; in conjunction with the Jewish community’s celebration of the Shavuot holiday. “This timely connection,” Rabbi Saperstein notes, “makes our mission to not stand idly by while our neighbors are subjected to violence and murder that much more urgent.”


Jewish Zionist Billioniare Loans JWS- JCA -JCRC's "Save Darfur" a private jet to haul bag man/gofer boy Presidential canidate Bill Richardson to Sudan for pressure play.

S. Daniel Abraham, who endowed the chair, made Forbes Magazine's list of the 400 wealthiest Americans in 2000 after selling Slim-Fast Foods, the company he founded. He was also the largest donor to the Democratic Party that year with a gift of $1.5 million. Since selling his company, Abraham has become a noted philanthropist with a particular interest in achieving a peaceful relationship between Israel and its neighbors.
He started the S. Daniel Abraham Israel Program at Yeshiva University, which gives undergraduate students the chance to study at colleges in Israel.

What is Taglit-birthright israel?

Taglit-birthright israel is a unique partnership between the people of Israel through their government, local Jewish communities (North American Jewish Federations through the United Jewish Communities, Keren Hayesod, and The Jewish Agency for Israel), and the birthright israel Foundation, generously supported by the following Jewish philanthropic partners: S. Daniel Abraham, The Abramson Family Foundation, The AVI CHAI Foundation, Andrea and Charles Bronfman, Edgar M. Bronfman, Circle of Service Foundation, Richard and Rhoda Goldman Foundation, David and Ruth Gottesman, The Harold Grinspoon Foundation, Hadassah - The Women's Zionist Organization of America, Susan and Roger Hertog, The Jim Joseph Foundation, Ronald S. Lauder, The Marcus Foundation- Bernie Marcus, The Samberg Family Foundation, Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation, Judy and Michael Steinhardt, The Wasserman Foundation, Leslie and Abigail Wexner and The Wexner Foundation, Karen and Gary Winnick in North America; Marc Rich in Europe.

The Taglit birthright israel gift covers round-trip airfare plus a ten-day educational program in Israel. Jewish youth, aged 18-26 (high school graduates) who have never been to Israel on a peer group educational program, are eligible to apply for the birthright israel gift.

USAID monthly Report

"Also, the needs of the American industrial sector are not too far from the Darfur 'pie.' The fact is that the American delegation that accompanied Colin Powell included businessmen and representatives of the oil companies, despite the fact that the American administration declared that the reasons for the [American] intervention [in Darfur] are humanitarian, first and foremost…

"The goals of the American oil companies are two-fold: First, removing the South-East Asian oil cartels from Sudan, since the Sudanese oil production will reach half a million barrels per day at the beginning of next year. This, following the signing last week of an agreement between the Sudanese Office of Energy and Mines and Petrodar, the c ompany which heads another oil cartel that includes 15 companies, most of them Chinese, Malaysian and European.

"Second, the American oil companies plan, after stability in Iraq is obtained, to extend the oil pipeline from the Arabian Gulf through the Saudi port of Yanbu' to the port city of 'Arous in Sudan, and [from there] through Darfur to Chad where it [will link to] the existing pipeline that begins in Daba oil fields in Chad and goes to the Atlantic Ocean, therefore securing an oil flow for American needs.

"The needs of the American industrial sector are not limited to [securing] a safe passage for the oil through Africa, but aims also at limiting the French presence in Africa. This, following America's success in removing France from the area of Al-Buheirat Al-'Uzma [the Great Lakes], it is now hoping to eliminate the French presence in Chad and Sudan, since France did not act as politically expected of her in the Darfur problem…"

Al-Ahram Weekly: 'An American Conspiracy to Control the Sudanese Oil'


Darfur: an open discussion on intervention, regime change & the politics of genocide

lighter audio download/streams on same program can be found at the guns & butter archives here
part one on august 16: www.gunsandbutter.net/archives.php
part two on august 23: www.gunsandbutter.net/archives.php
Five different perspectives on the ongoing crisis in the Darfur region explore the ethical and political questions behind popular calls for humanitarian intervention and regime change in Sudan. Panelists include Co-Director of the IAC in New York, Sara Flounders; Professor of Anthropology, Dr. Elliot Fratkin; investigative journalist, Keith Harmon Snow; researcher on war crimes, Dimitri Oram; and Associate Professor of Anthropology, Enoch Page; and concludes with a panel discussion. This event on the crisis in Darfur was held on July 6, 2006 at Smith College in Massachusetts.

keith harmon snow recently posted on darfur @ indymedia - south africa
Why does the global north want to 'Save Dafur'? Wake up and smell the Oil!
Funding behind the “Save Darfur” and "Stop Genocide” campaign which is gaining ground fast in North America and Europe is remarkable. Fancy brochures, countless web sites, T-shirts, bumper stickers— even "Save Darfur!" video-war-games. Have the powers that be have suddenly developed a conscience? Unfortunately, not so.

A small number of "experts" are currently allowed to represent the story of Dafur to the Western public. However, on closer inspection, much of it turns out to be deliberate disinformation. An example: New York Times photos of Sudan feed into stereotypes about wind-blown deserts and wandering nomads— in fact, it is none of the sort. The “breadbasket of Africa,” Sudan is actually rich in lush, green agricultural lands and natural resources. However, pictures like these (see below) enable corporations and governments, and “humanitarian” agencies, to expropriate and control Sudan. With right-wing think tanks doing the PR for the "Save Dafur" campaign, even progressive groups in the US are suddenly advocating US military "involvement" to alleviate the humanitarian crises in Darfur. — which, this investigator contends, the US is at least partially, if not wholly, responsible for to begin with.

Innocent women, men and children are caught in the middle of this nasty Western campaign aimed—- as Dr. Eric Reeves from Smith College has openly advocated (Washington Post August 2004)—at regime change in Sudan. In their many columns and forums advertising the “genocide” in Darfur, the advocates of aggressive US foreign policy in Sudan hide from the public the evidence of a massive resource grab in the Darfur region and the country as a whole:
- At stake in Sudan are vast petroleum reserves coveted by Exxon-Mobil, Total, Halliburton, Schlumberger and Chevron, and the entire Darfur region is one vast concession that is being fought over today. See it on the oil industry maps at www.traprockpeace.org and www.allthingspass.com.
- Israel() covets the uranium reserves of Darfur.
- Coke, Pepsi, Pfizer, Merck and Unilever (owns Ben & Jerry’s) seek to control the Gum Arabic plantations of Darfur: home to some 80% of world supply and the best quality Gum Arabic in the world—and the source of USAID research projects in the 1980’s that were cancelled when the Sudanese decided to control their own destiny, and their own resources. When the Sudan government defends itself or fights back it is automatically committing genocide, no matter who actually does the killing, or who else is involved in the war.

This is not an apology for the government of Sudan. It is a challenge to caring people everywhere to wake up and see the interests behind the campaign to "Save Dafur"- to recognize it is a war in which at least one side tries to enlist their genuine concern about human rights as a tool for gaining the upper hand.

two other recent appearances by keith harmon snow on guns & butter are of related interest
sept 27, 2006: Behind the Numbers: Plunder in Central Africa
Interview with journalist, Keith Harmon Snow. “Genocide” in the Darfur region of Sudan is analyzed in the context of global investment capital, natural resource exploitation, “intervention” media war propaganda masquerading as humanitarian effort. The militarization of the region by the U.S. and other nations.

The take-over of Uganda and Rwanda by rebel forces supported by the U.S. is discussed, as well as the role of Uganda and Rwanda in the destabilization of the entire region to facilitate competing global corporate interests in the plunder of Africa’s great mineral and oil wealth. The film “Hotel Rwanda”, publicized as based on historical fact, is revealed as fiction, to cover the manipulation of internecine wars in the exploitation of Rwanda’s resources by western business interests. First broadcast July 19, 2006.


dec 13, 2006: Mining the Apocalypse: Terrorism and Private Profit from the Horn to the Heart of Africa
Interview with journalist and genocide investigator, Keith Harmon Snow. A French judge has brought indictments against top officials in Paul Kagame's Rwandan government regarding the 1994 downing of the plane carrying the Presidents of Rwanda and Burundi, which is routinely cited as the flashpoint for the "Rwandan genocide". We take a look at the Rwandan genocide and the Second Congo War. Keith Snow is releasing his UNICEF/United Nations sponsored investigation into the genocide in Ethiopia of the indigenous Anuak people in the Gambella region of southwest Ethiopia. Keith Snow's website is www.allthingspass.com.

[note: if you're net savy, you can hack the urls to download the mp3 files]

also see

john bellamy foster: A Warning to Africa: The New U.S. Imperial Grand Strategy
The U.S. military buildup in Africa is frequently justified as necessary both to fight terrorism and to counter growing instability in the oil region of Sub-Saharan Africa. Since 2003 Sudan has been torn by civil war and ethnic conflict focused on its southwestern Darfur region (where much of the country’s oil is located), resulting in innumerable human rights violations and mass killings by government-linked militia forces against the population of the region. Attempted coups recently occurred in the new petrostates of São Tomé and Principe (2003) and Equatorial Guinea (2004). Chad, which is run by a brutally oppressive regime shielded by a security and intelligence apparatus backed by the United States, also experienced an attempted coup in 2004. A successful coup took place in Mauritania in 2005 against U.S.-supported strongman Ely Ould Mohamed Taya. Angola’s three-decade-long civil war—instigated and fueled by the United States, which together with South Africa organized the terrorist army under Jonas Savimbi’s UNITA—lasted until the ceasefire following Savimbi’s death in 2002. Nigeria, the regional hegemon, is rife with corruption, revolts, and organized oil theft, with considerable portions of oil production in the Niger Delta region being siphoned off—up to 300,000 barrels a day in early 2004.16 The rise of armed insurgency in the Niger Delta and the potential of conflict between the Islamic north and non-Islamic south of the country are major U.S. concerns.

Hence there are incessant calls and no lack of seeming justifications for U.S. “humanitarian interventions” in Africa. The Council on Foreign Relations report More than Humanitarianism insists that “the United States and its allies must be ready to take appropriate action” in Darfur in Sudan “including sanctions and, if necessary, military intervention, if the Security Council is blocked from doing so.” Meanwhile the notion that the U.S. military might before long need to intervene in Nigeria is being widely floated among pundits and in policy circles. Atlantic Monthly correspondent Jeffrey Taylor wrote in April 2006 that Nigeria has become “the largest failed state on earth,” and that a further destabilization of that state, or its takeover by radical Islamic forces, would endanger “the abundant oil reserves that America has vowed to protect. Should that day come, it would herald a military intervention far more massive than the Iraqi campaign.”17

Still, U.S. grand strategists are clear that the real issues are not the African states themselves and the welfare of their populations but oil and China’s growing presence in Africa.

michael watts: Empire of Oil: Capitalist Dispossession and the Scramble for Africa
The strategic interests of the United States certainly include not only access to cheap and reliable low-sulphur oil imports, but also keeping the Chinese (for example in Sudan) and South Koreans (for example in Nigeria)—aggressive new actors in the African oil business—and Islamic terror at bay. Africa is, according to the intelligence community, the “new frontier” in the fight against revolutionary Islam. Energy security, it turns out, is a terrifying hybrid of the old and the new: primitive accumulation and American militarism coupled to the war on terror.

and, for a general look at u.s. in africa

jason motlagh: America's Africa Corps

The US’s War In Darfur by Keith Harmon Snow

American Sanctions Prevent Sudan from Right Writing off World bank IMF Debts. The US has told Sudan it will drop all sanctions in 30 days if Sudan capitulates to the invasion

Israel in Darfur and Arab National Security


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