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"Holocaust Denial Sympathizer School Visit Draws Protest"

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Noam Chomsky draws Protests at Newton South.

"Holocaust Denial Sympathizer School Visit Draws Protest"

That was Channel 5's headline earlier today which has since been changed.

BAZA demonstrated at Newton South today and was heard and seen in the TV news coverage of the local reactionary zionists anti-Chomsky protest.

A student group had invited Noam to speak on Iraq which caused an uproar among Newton’s hard line supporters of the jewish state.

The zionists including the Newton Tab's Tom Mountain charged Professor Chomsky, the prolific MIT based institution with…

-‘lending his name in support of a holocaust denier’,
-supporting Hezbollah,
-promoting “the anti-Semitic idea that the Jewish religion is basically anti-social.”
- Being 'tyrants of the world favorite Jew' and “a friend of the ruthless Iranian dictator, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad,”
-Having a “anti-Western, anti-Jewish and anti-Israel” record.
-“He spoke of the threat of “Jewish dominance in the region"
-and for being praised by The former Grand Wizard of the Klu Klux Klan, David Duke “for daring to expose the truth about Zionism and Jewish supremacism.”

" The man is filled with hate. He's a jew. He's anti-semitic. He's anti-israel. He's anti-U.S." Said the Chomsky protest organizer.

“It tells you something about the community. It doesn’t tell you anything about me,” ( Noam ) said of the protesters.


"... There is no viable excuse other than the underlying probability that a cabal of extremist Newton educators is so virulently anti-American, so viciously anti-Israel, they would gleefully invite one of the most notorious propagandists of the last 40 years to complement their dirty work.

Basic morality dictates that there is something monumentally inappropriate for a public school with a large percentage of Jewish students, a Jewish school superintendent, a majority Jewish School Committee, and a Jewish mayor, to let Noam Chomsky in the door of Newton South High.” Tom Mountain wrote of Chomsky's visit.


"...Chomsky should not have been allowed to "spread his poison" inside the school. Some Jews and pro-Israel activists have accused Chomsky of defending Holocaust deniers. We would like Mr. Chomsky to apologize for the people he has tried to protect," Ross said. " in the Boston Globes "Protesters decry Chomsky appearance at Newton South High"

Out side the Chomsky event several South students recognized “The Illustrious David Rolde's” article on Sudan from a BAZA action done in February on the morning of a south student lead, pro war, darfur concert.

The NSHS Denebola wrote on the Feburary 8th Sudan Demonstration...

“…The spirit of peaceful activism was somewhat tempered by the presence of protesters who believe that the situation in Sudan is merely a violent civil war. They assert that the idea of the Sudanese government committing genocide against its own people is a propaganda campaign supported by pro-Israel groups looking to dominate the Middle East and North Africa.

"My view is that the US has been attacking Sudan for 15 years," protester David Rolde said. "There was a pro-war concert going on at Newton South, and that's why we went."

Junior STAND member and event organizer David Fisher was not pleased with their presence. "We've actually run into each other twice before; this was the third time I'd encountered them," he said. "I believe they are sick people who do not understand the nature of activism--they're incredibly offensive."

"We discussed this in my social studies class" one said student said today of reappearence of Rolde's well traveled leaflet "Stop the U.S. and Zionst War Against Sudan".

The February 8th curbside flyering event was cut short by principal Brian Salzer who accosted us. He threatened to have us arrested, told students not take our "Litter", then ordered his secretary to call the Newton police on us. The cops came and one drove into us on the side walk in a police cruiser while wearing a Pro US military in Iraq hat, then threghtened us with arrest to force us to go away and stalked us back to our car while heckling our retreat and keeping up the arrest threats.

Some local jewish parents couldn’t believe the nerve of Mr. Rolde's day break raid on the minds and imperial aspirations of their children and zionist blogs and Green Rainbow Party meetings saw some action over it.

See: Green Rainbow Party Kicked off NSHS Property

and: "concern for Darfur is a Jewish/Zionist Warmonger conspiracy"

At today’s Chomsky event we met some cool kids who asked some good questions. One grasped the core issues in Sudan immediately and took flyers to give out to other students. We were interviewed by a Denebola reporter and photographed by the Globe and AP.

There were at least Newton 10 cops stationed about who didnt try to physically hurt us this time.

We chanted "Free Palestine", "From the River To The Sea Palestine Will Be Free! " And "zionism is racism!, zionism is anti Semitism, zionism is terrorism!" which is clearly audible in the NECN coverage

When I saw local flame warrior Tom Mountain I told him how much we loved this.......

Chomsky at Newton South, By Tom Mountain, The Jewish Advocate

“…Chomsky is a Jewish professor so reviled in the American Jewish community he was excommunicated by a Rabbinical Court in 1983, a rare edict dispensed barely a dozen times in the 20th century, most notably to Leon Trotsky, co-founder of Soviet Communist Russia

Chomsky’s hatred for the United States is only eclipsed by his hatred for Israel. In his books on the Middle East he frequently refers to Nazi-like behavior on the part of Israel. He claims that Israel shares “points of similarity with the Third Reich.” He spoke of the threat of “Jewish dominance in the region” and how Israel was involved in “a Final Solution from which few will escape.” He’s charged Israel with “a repetition of Nazi crimes” and even ranted about the “genocidal texts of the Bible.”

In the book “Partners in Hate: Noam Chomsky and the Holocaust Deniers” Dr. Werner Cohn states, “Chomsky gave his name in support of Robert Faurisson, the well known French neo-Nazi Holocaust denier. He has published in the neo-Nazi’s journal. He went out of his way to have his [Chomsky’s] book published by neo Nazis. He has promoted the anti-Semitic idea that the Jewish religion is basically anti-social.”

The former Grand Wizard of the Klu Klux Klan, David Duke, even praised Chomsky “for daring to expose the truth about Zionism and Jewish supremacism.”
In the world according to Chomsky the United States is inherently evil, “Washington is the torture and political murder capital of the world.” He declared shortly after the 9/11 bombings, “The U.S. is a leading terrorist state, as are its clients.” He described the subsequent U.S.-led invasion of Afghanistan as “sort of a silent genocide” in which millions of Afghanis would die if the U.S. defeated the Taliban.

What goes on in Chomsky’s mind would baffle the psychiatrist, let alone the columnist. The volume of information indicting him is so acute it leaves one to gasp in astonishment that any intelligent responsible school administrator would invite him to address an auditorium of high school students. There is no viable excuse other than the underlying probability that a cabal of extremist Newton educators is so virulently anti-American, so viciously anti-Israel, they would gleefully invite one of the most notorious propagandists of the last 40 years to complement their dirty work.

Basic morality dictates that there is something monumentally inappropriate for a public school with a large percentage of Jewish students, a Jewish school superintendent, a majority Jewish School Committee, and a Jewish mayor, to let Noam Chomsky in the door of Newton South High.”

Newton South stands by Noam Chomsky invitation, The Jewish Advocate

"…Newton resident Victor Zak, whose 15-year-old daughter, Aliza, attends the school, said he feels Chomsky’s visit is not “a good idea at all.” While acknowledging that he doesn’t know exactly what the renowned linguist will say, Zak added that he is familiar with Chomsky’s “anti-Western, anti-Jewish and anti-Israel” record.

“What concerns me is that he has been brought to speak and contaminate the minds of our children,” Zak said. “The position of our school is that the school isn’t bringing him. [Rather, Chomsky was invited by a student organization.] I wonder what the school’s position would be if somebody tried to bring a speaker with a strong racist or anti-gay message.”

Alan Ronkin, deputy director of the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Boston, said Chomsky’s visit to the school “is a problem,” especially since he is an expert in linguistics and “has no credentials” to speak about the Middle East. Ronkin added that at the moment the JCRC was not organizing any initiative to balance the event.

“I haven’t read [Chomsky’s] views about Iraq, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he thought that the solution [to it] was the dissolution of the Jewish state or the end of occupation,” Ronkin said. “A person like Chomsky believes that Israel is the root of all evil in the Middle East.”

"...the “students responded positively” ( which only serves to prove the danger of a Chomsky to the future of Israel ) — by the mere presence of Chomsky in such an environment."

And from the notorious NSHS principal Brian Salzer

"…The speech was interesting and generally benign. Dr. Chomsky shared his perspective on the history of U.S. foreign relations mainly with Iraq and Iran though he touched on other countries as well. I realize many people were sensitive to the fact that he may share unfavorable impressions and/or thoughts about Israel. He briefly commented on the issue only when addressing a student question and the talk continued back on topic."

Chomsky Gets In The Way

I just wanted to note in regards to Noam Chomsky: I am editing a collection of essays by Christopher Hitchens and his critics, on terrorism, war and Iraq. I asked through the Nation magazine to reprint a Chomsky-Hitchens debate, and was granted permission, and then Chomsky intervened with the Nation to block this permission. He also tried to block the entire project at the University of California Press by intimidating some editors there (I have documentary evidence for both assertions). In fact, Chomsky himself is one of the great ideological censors of free and open debate in America, and to see him portrayed as being muzzled is ironically disgusting to me, since I myself (and Christopher-Hitchens) am a victim of his own censorious machinations.

Thomas Cushman
Professor, Wellesley College

No Place For Chomsky

The Principal of Newton South, Brian L. Salzer, chose to send his notification about inviting a person like Noam Chomsky, known for his anti-Jewish and anti-Israel record, on April 3, the First day of Passover. To choose the day when many families of his students are celebrating their cherished holiday is disrespectful and insulting. The Newton South calendar (available on its Web site) clearly marks April 3 as the first day of Passover. Would he send a notification about an invitation to an anti-Christian speaker on Easter or to an anti-Muslim speaker on Ramadan?
What kind of an example does he set for the Newton South students? He should be setting an example of respect for everyone especially because of the important position he holds and the students who see him as setting the standards of the school.

Dina Lutin

Chomsky at Newton South; JCRC Does Nothing...

" Jews wake up , those whom you invite to tell you that they are going to kill you and that you are doing a lot of bad things to another group of people. Who do not have a land that they can call their own.They gave up that right in 1948. Not telling you that for the last 59 years there was never a promise made by the Palestinians that was carried out.

They promise the world,to you and go back to tell their people to kill you, to kill you . You Gave them land for peace and what do you get in return, Rockets and more rockets, When you go in to stop the rockets you are the ones that is breaking the peace not them.

Their demands upon you are that they want you to release 1500 prisoners that you have found quilty of killing other Jews for one soldier that they came across your borders and taken as prisoner and have not let any one verify that he is alive, take my word that he is well taken care of they say,when they have shown that they behead peopel on Television wearing their head peice as a mask covering their face.

This man Chomsky Is not a friend of the Jews or Americans, How can you allow him to speak to students and not have a person there for rebuttle, This is not how educatuion works, you get both sides At the same time.
If it is in a public school why is the public barred?
I pay taxes in the city of Newton and if someone is invited in to my building I should have the opportunity to listen and ask Questions."

Channel 5 TV, Holocaust Denial Sympathizer School Visit Draws Protest
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"In May 2006, Hezbollah terrorist leader Hassan Nasrullah, who refers to Jews as “the grandsons of apes and pigs,” hosted MIT Professor Noam Chomsky on an eight-day visit to Lebanon. They toured Hezbollah bases in southern Lebanon where the Jewish professor was taped hugging and kissing Hezbollah militia commander Nabil Quaq, then posing in front of a destroyed Israeli tank while declaring on Al Manar TV, “Hezbollah’s insistence on keeping its arms is justified … I think Nasrullah has a reasoned argument and [a] persuasive argument that they [the arms] should be in the hands of Hezbollah as a deterrent to potential aggression.” They brought him to the border of Israel, where he preached to his Hezbollah hosts, “The imperialist [Israeli] forces do whatever they want, as long as Washington allows them to.”

Two months later, three Newton South students (my children) watched in horror as the first Hezbollah missiles exploded in the northern Israel city of Tiberias where they were vacationing. As the air raid siren sounded, indicating a second round of missiles, they ran for their lives to the safety of the bomb shelter, barely ahead of the missile that hit just 200 yards away.

Shortly thereafter, David Lelchook, Newton South Class of ’72, was tending to his farm on Kibbutz Sa’ar when the first missiles struck. Before he even had time to run for shelter the next missile exploded, killing him instantly.

A few days after the murder of David Lelchook, Chomsky was asked by an Iranian reporter for his reaction to the Israeli counterattack against Hezbollah, “The [Israeli] invasion itself is a breach of international law, and major war crimes are being committed as it proceeds.” He later elaborated on “the U.S.-backed Israeli crimes in Lebanon.”



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