Thursday, November 30, 2006

MIT Hosts Racist Warmonger Eric Reeves

Amnesty International organizers snitch out anti war activists to the MIT cops.

There is going to be a pro-war forum or lecture tonight (Thurs Nov
30) at MIT in Building 35 Room 225. People there are going to be
calling for increased imperialist warfare and interventions in Africa
and specifically for increased US/UN war against Sudan in the form of
a UN invasion force in the Darfur region of western Sudan. I believe
the speaker is going to be Eric Reeves from Smith College who has
long been a propagandist against Sudan first with false allegations
about slavery in Sudan, and now with false allegations about the
Sudanese government's role in the US instigated civil war in Darfur.
There is currently an effort to have MIT symbolically divest from
Sudan. MIT should be divesting from "Israel" instead. Students who
are concerned about the welfare of people in Africa should be doing
activism opposing US and Zionist imperialism in Africa rather than
participating in demonization campaigns against Africans. We need to
force the US government to stop its warfare against Sudan.

If anyone can get to the forum tonight and try to speak up to
challenge the pro-war propaganda, that would be cool. Otherwise I
hope people will look into this issue and then speak out against
further pro-war activism and against this divestment campaign.

Below is a short article I wrote on Sudan that I have been handing
out as a flyer, and then an article from the Party for Socialism and
Liberation. Also check out Keith Harmon Snow's articles and letters
about Sudan at
and the video of Louis Farrakhan talking about Sudan at

Bush says Sudan's control over their own oil threatens US national security


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