Monday, October 09, 2006

Sudan Troop Plan stuns British war chiefs

>>Mortar attack caused US ammo dump fire in Iraq<<

'Committed' Blair stuns defence chiefs with Sudan troops plan

"Israel, the United States, foreign intelligence services and African states, which sought a regime change in Sudan, seized the opportunity and interfered in the Darfur crisis.
They found the conflict an ample opportunity to add fuel to the flames and politicizes the issue to topple the regime. And this is the story of the Darfur crisis."

anti-muslim hindu nationalists and kahane nationalist and racist lunacy around the world..
Anti-Muslim Groups Unite Through Internet

Zionists and 911 from Haaretz
"The examples are endless, the conclusion one: The Jews did it. The Jew media covered it up. The Jews did it so that America would have to go to war, shedding the blood of Christian boys in a fight against Israel's Muslim enemies."

Jewish Organized Crime
"Jew Watch"

Information : Montréal - Palestine

The Other "N" Word: Israeli Nukes. The article argues for nuclear disarmament.
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