Sunday, May 27, 2007

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U.N. 'peacekeepers' rape women, children
Mustafa Reveals Plan by Jewish Lobby to Escalate the Darfur Issue

Relief Workers Curse "Save Darfur"

"...When the International Rescue Committee issued a press release last
summer noting an increase in rapes and other sexual violence based on
what it was seeing in refugee camps, its workers were hauled before
government officials, and its efforts to get visas and travel permits
became mired in red tape.

"The Sudanese are very astute, and they following what's going on in
the U.S. press," Mr. Bacon said. "When I met with President Bashir, he
mentioned Save Darfur specifically and said it was treating his
government unfairly and preventing the U.S. from dealing with him or
granting him concessions for what he is trying to do to improve things."

So some relief agencies said they were horrified when Save Darfur's
ads in February reported that "international relief organizations,"
among others, had agreed that the time for negotiating with the
Sudanese government had ended.

Mr. Rubenstein and Mr. Worthington and other executives of relief
organizations have met to discuss the concerns he expressed. "We've
had good conversations with Save Darfur and have seen changes in their
ads that reflect a better understanding of the evolving reality on the
ground," Mr. Worthington said.

Mr. Bacon said similar tension had flared publicly during the 1998-99
war in Kosovo, when relief groups had staff members in the Balkans at
the same time (Jewish) advocacy groups were calling for bombing and more
aggressive military action.

"Not only were there concerns among relief agencies that their workers
would be hit if there were bombing, but they were also fearful that
more aggressive action could provoke a counterattack against aid
workers, who might be seen as representative of the Western powers
doing the bombing," Mr. Bacon said."

Defence minister says Sudan will fight foreign intervention
Bashir blasts Jewish groups
Jewish groups agitating for invasion of Sudan
African Union "Peacekeepers" and Darfuri Rebels Raping Women

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