Friday, June 01, 2007

"Jerusalem Day Celebration"

March on the Pentagon - March 17, 2007

We protested at the Boylston St entrance to the library. I can think of 13 people who were there with us. A couple zionists counter-protested against us at the beginning but then they went in. We had 3 Palestinian flags and some good signs. We handed out some flyers and talked with a lot of people. Three of the people who protested with us were passersby who became interested in what was going on and joined us.

Someone went in and got us the zionist literature. It is really disgusting. According to the program flyer first Prof Zvi Bar-Yam, the President of "Zionist House / Israel Cultural Center" spoke. The program flyer has a long paragraph description of "Zionist House", which was founded in 1946, and its activities. Then consul Tamir spoke: "Greetings from the State of Israel". Them Avis G Jacobson - also from zionist house - spoke. Jacobson is the chairperson of "Jerusalem Day Celebration". Then Liora Grossman, the curator of "Israillustrators 2007", gave a presentation called "Jerusalem: Alive and Kicking". The program flyer has a bio of Grossman. She is a Lithuanian who moved to Palestine in 1971 when she was 5. Her "Israillustrators" exhibit of illustrations by jewish artists in Palestine (the flyer says "Israeli illustrators") from children's books is scheduled to remain at the library thru July 8. Lastly the program flyer says that Gilad Barkan's trio played "Israeli Songs to Celebrate Jerusalem Day".

March on the Pentagon - March 17, 2007March on the Pentagon - March 17, 2007
Protester Pics Inside

Another Israel event, another protest. This one was, according to the Solmonila operative present, characteristically small, but uncharacteristically quiet.

The Israeli Consulate sponsored its annual Jerusalem Day Celebration at the Boston Public Library yesterday. This is the same event at which (two activists) were arrested last year. The usual call went out for sloganeers, but things were quiet this time...maybe, too quiet... According to someone who was there

ACLU friends

There was one counter-protester, Jonathan, with a small sign made right there... "End the Occupation - Arabs Out."

everyone enjoys some protester pics, so here they are:


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