Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Mike Gould-Wartofsky "gets made" by George Soros by FLIPSIDE

"( The people in Oaxaca ) they hate the APPO. They hate them so much they want to hurt them and kill them. " -Brian Conolly, Boston Indy Media Center.

Hillel House kosher crackers on warfare safari wilding in third word countries drawing the fire of paramilitaries onto local peasants

Why are angry jewish kids from Harvard stealing and burning buses, harrasing locals, and spreading tourism ruining rumours around the world in Mexico ?

Who is paying for their street blocking , bus burning, regime overthrowing armed extortionists drug habits and why ?

"Inversely, if Mexico, Syria or Iraq kept better tabs on Bradley Will, Brian Conolly, Kelly Lee, or Mike Wartofsky, then various wannabe revolutionary human intelligence and armed struggle students could be screened out of the international hospitality process. I am not talking about keeping Peter Tosh from his reggae performances with a red X. I am talking about keeping crackers on warfare safari from wilding in third world countries while drawing the fire of paramilitaries onto local peasants."

Mike Gould-Wartofsky "gets made" by George Soros by FLIPSIDE

Harvard's Communist Crown Prince, Mike Gould-Wartofsky
has graduated. Now, naturally we get to hear what a
horrible experience that was, having our professional
socialist academic Mum and Dad (Carol Gould, Marx
Wartofsky) send him to the nation's top Ivy League
school. Naturally, the expose of how fascist and evil
Harvard was will be featured in the nation's top
publications as Wartofsky is embraced as the new
darling of The Nation magazine, and as the whole
scroll of guaranteed leftist publishing and
syndication invitations extends, and this pampered
graduate begins to drink ever more deeply from the
giant teat of leftist media largesse. Congratulations
to him.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

These kind of people fucked it over for people in Oaxaca who were on their way to making something really great, that took even centuries to plan,,Really!!!Is 'documenting 'events in Oaxaca just to show on the world tour of squats and social centres really worth jeapordising a movement where hunderds of thousands of people are being really careful how they do things...I am from europe and was in Oaxaca when the majority of Oaxacans from all different backgrounds moved strongly to defend ALL their different respective interests against local and national(Oaxacan/Mexican)moronic philistinism,impunity andsystematic brute violence.I was disgusted at how all sorts of leftist and solidarity groups distorted facts and claimed territory over something they hadf NO involvement with and minimal understanding of.This was not a Colonel Kurz zapatista style uprising from the Poetic Above,, or a bourgeois attempt at an ecoveganopoly.This was not feminism,although women were at the helm.This was not anti imperialism as seen/'fought' from the safety of the ArmchairEMPIRE.
Now,graffiti made in Oaxaca as strength and weapon is being bandied around the euro/us indy/streetart circuit like the nike swoosh... like some kind of talisman credential for activist righteousness.NO.These works in Oaxaca during this time(and even now)are not a street art project to be sold at some ...stein gallery in New York or London and then incorporated onto a shoe to give it some edgy street cred....CULTURE VULTURES INC>>>This kind of activist imperialism needs to be challenged, not just as an academic exercise, but as a practical necessity.Its ignorant and lazy and decadent, really.This (self-proclaimed) solidarity is not welcome!!!s and is actually dangerous for people and just because most people in Oaxaca are too polite to say fuck off to this kind of 'Solidarity"doesnt mean its welcome...

4:35 PM  
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