Saturday, October 07, 2006

"Don't forget the Palestinians!"

Iraq Resistance Videos censored by You Tube, 17 pages.

The ADLS UN chief is comming to lexington which reminds me about this....

"Second, there's the possibility that Tabak and his detectives trampled department rules regarding the First Amendment and got away with it. Those rules were established as the department was sifting through the wreckage left behind by Tom Gerard, an SFPD detective who spied on scores of civilians while assigned to the SFPD's intelligence unit, the predecessor to the Special Investigations Division.

In one of the more surreal episodes in this town's modern history, Gerard was busted in 1993 for compiling dossiers on hundreds of Bay Area leftist groups — many of them pro-Palestinian or anti-apartheid formations — and sharing the files with a freelance spy employed by the Jewish Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith and the white supremacist government of South Africa. He pled guilty to unauthorized use of a police computer and caught a 45-day jail sentence; meanwhile, the city got hit with several costly lawsuits.

Responding to the espionage case, the police department revamped its First Amendment guidelines, which are covered by Department General Order 8.10. Those guidelines require detectives to exercise caution when conducting investigations that scrutinize legitimate First Amendment activity, including "speaking, meeting, writing, marching, picketing, or other expressive conduct."

In such cases, investigators are required to get written approval from the deputy chief of investigations and the chief of police. In addition, information about the probe is supposed to be forwarded to the Police Commission."

Jeb Bush gets rude welcome Police disperse angry protesters in Downtown T-station

Tomahawk Missile Falls Off Truck in the Bronx

U.S. Nuclear Accidents

Politico-military commotion on a social powder-keg

Following the ceremony, coalition group "kNOw Genocide" announced
its mission to fight denial Armenian and other genocides.

"Whenever we read or hear that people deny our genocide, it is as
if we are being killed again, slowly," said Jean Nganji, a Rwandan
refugee who lost his entire family to genocide in 1994.

State police moved three protestors who shouted, "Don't forget the
Palestinians!" over televised speeches.

With his face obscured by sunglasses, a Red Sox baseball hat and a
bandana around his nose and mouth, one protestor waved a sign that
read, "Defend Sudan from Zionist UN."

Interrupted by the heckling, Brookline rabbi Moshe Waldoks said the
world should "create a culture of life."

"And precisely, there are people here who support the culture of
death," said Waldoks, an author and board member of Jewish Community
Relations Council, as police moved protestors from the State House

"We're not here to teach that we're victims. We're here to teach that
there should be no more victims," Waldoks said.

SAVE DARFUR: ZIONIST CONSPIRACY?(this is a zionist spin job)


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