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Boston area Zionists organizing for war against Sudan

Boston area Zionists organizing for war against Sudan

Written by : David Rolde
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On April 30th, supporters of a United Nations/U.S. military invasion of Sudan rallied in Washington DC. Zionist and proimperialist activists nationwide and in the Boston/Cambridge area are busy demonizing Sudan, repeating outrageous allegations of genocide” in Darfur against the Sudanese government and mischaracterizing the civil war in Darfur as being based on race or religion. The anti-Sudan rhetoric in the US media is intensifying.

The war in Darfur is not a religious war of Muslim against non-Muslim. Everyone in Darfur is Muslim. It is not a racial war of White Arabs against Black Africans Everyone in Darfur is a Black African. It’s not even a war of Arabs against non-Arabs Arabic is the lingua franca of Darfur and the language of education. Everyone in Darfur speaks Arabic.

One aspect of the war is a conflict over water and land usage between nomadic groups who subsist by raising livestock, and settled farming groups. These nomadic groups are identified by the US/Zionist media as being the source of the so-called “Arab Janjaweed.” These people are some of the most marginalized in the world. Towndwellers in Darfur, a region the size of France, have traditionally looked down onthem. and pejoratively labeled them as “Bedouins"—which is often translated into English as Arabs.

As American popular support for the war in Iraq has lessened, there has been a resurgence of anti-Sudan and anti-Iran propaganda. There is now a civil war in neighboring Chad. The mainstream media in the US has blamed the Sudanese government for the civil war in Chad.
Charles Jacobs’ Zionist groups

Boston is a world headquarters of Zionist activism, i.e., anti-Arab and anti-Muslim racist activism. Charles Jacobs is the founder of the pro-Israel propaganda group CAMERA and the David Project, groups that attack journalists and academics who write in favor of Palestinian rights. In the early 90s

Jacobs also formed the American Anti- Slavery Group (AASG), which exists to spread false allegations of slavery against countries in North Africa (Sudan and Mauritania) in order to demonize Arabs and divert attention away from Israeli crimes against Palestinian Arabs. A whole host of interconnected anti- Sudan groups now exists including the Sudan Campaign, another Jacobs-led group, whi ch advocates for divestment from Sudan.

Ane Zionist response to the movement to divest from apartheid Israel is to deflect attention to Sudan and a push to divest from Sudan instead. Harvard’s divestment from Sudan took the form of divesting from a Chinese oil company that buys oil from Sudan. Part of the reason for U.S. and Israeli attacks on Sudan is to try to stop China from obtaining oil.

The Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) is a national pro-Israel activist organization or coalition. JCRC Boston, the main organizer of opposition to the Somerville Divestment Project, ran buses from Newton to the anti-Sudan rally in Washington DC.
kNOw Genocide

On Friday, April 21, Boston-area Zionists, including members of the JCRC, co-opted a commemoration of the Armenian Genocide to have a rally announcing the formation of kNOw Genocide, an organization disingenuously purporting to oppose genocide around the world but in reality existing to propagate lies about the situation in Darfur in order to incite war against Sudan and hatred against Arabs and Muslims. Genocides perpetrated by Americans are not mentioned. Also conspicuously absent from the list is the Israeli genocide against Palestinian Arabs.
Michael Capuano

US Congressman Mike Capuano, a former Somerville mayor who now—badly—represents Cambridge, Somerville, Chelsea and 70% of Boston in the House, is a leading congressional hawks against Sudan. He is a founder and co-chair of the Congressional Caucus on Sudan. Capuano brags that he snuck in an amendment to an anti-terrorism bill to give $50 million more to the African Union military intervention in Sudan, that he has been to the UN recently to ask Kofi Annan to send UN troops to invade Sudan, that he passed a bill in 2003 denouncing Sudan fo slavery, and that he supports divestment from Sudan. At the same time Capuano isopposed to divestment from Israel.

I was able to discover that Capuano wrote a letter to the Somerville Board of Aldermen advising them to reject the proposal initiated by the Somerville Divestment Project, to divest from Israel. Capuano has taken trips to Africa, Iraq, and Israel. He admits that his trip to Israel was sponsored by the JCRC of Boston.

(This is an excerpt from David Rolde's research paper on the role of Israel and its supporters in Sudan. You may read the whole paper on the Bridge site at documents.)